Friday, June 15, 2012

I don't know about you, but I have a confession.

I personally don't read blogs as much as I used to.

So it's hard really, for me to keep up with my own.
I have alot to say.....just not the energy or zeal to blog it like I used to.

I'm torn really.
Because I try to do so much..........but there never seems to be enough time in a day.

These are some of the things I do try to accomplish in the course of a day or otherwise...they won't be listed in order obviously.
 I try to:

Stopping to make time for Tea in the day...because that's important right?
Taking time to Pray.......because this is SUPER important, far above most things. There are so many needs in this world and in the lives of people I know and love and in the lives of people I don't even know...
Someone, "we," the body, must pray.

Trying to find time to fit in Jane Austen and my devotional time!!!

Someone gave me this for Christmas and it works nicely in this regard.
Trying to fit in some travel time.....
(City view of Edinburgh that I took last October)

Piper in Edinburgh
Joyce at Kensington Palace

Which means that I have to work my brains out so we can have the money to travel.

Then there are Jubilee's to try to fit in........

And swiming and exercise....that's important!

Must fit in my family always......because I love them!

And we must fit in our friends, shouldn't we?

And I must gather strength for the day and week by not forgetting to do this:

However, most importantly,
I must remember this:
And the KING has it all under control.
My every wish, my every hurt, my every desire, so I don't have to worry.

Now if you are like me.......
there isn't much time left for blogging after I am finished with all the above.


Monday, May 14, 2012

I read somewhere recently that you should never tell someone, that you've been "busy."
Because it's "negative" and "makes people feel bad."
I will try to improvise and not use that word.

Instead I will use this word.


Do you get it?
Can you feel the craziness?

(My husband & I attending our son Caleb & his Fiance's "Honey Do" shower!)

It's been several weeks and months of building up to the "Blessed" event.

(Caleb & Kolin Mahan)

Which was held last weekend.

We had showers to attend, a "Rehearsal" to hold,
 and a Rehearsal Dinner to host afterwards.

You know how these things work.

(My husband Don & I at the Mahan Rehearsal Dinner)

Finally it was the "Big Day."

(Our new DIL, Kolin & one of her Sisters)

The Mother of the Groom was so happy!

The Daddy, & Son, & Mama

(Gabrie, Caleb, Joshua, Luke,
Ariel, & Kelsey)

The Groom's & his Brother's, and Sister, and Brother in Law, and Cousin from Iowa, before the wedding.

(Ariel, & her husband, Joshua)

The reception was beautiful and elegant.

The entire wedding was fabulous!

And they lived happily, ever, after.

That is after their honeymoon to Orlando to Disney World,
Universal Studios.

More next time!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yes, it has been 3 months since
I've worked in my "Secret Garden."

But trust me, I have a million excuses.

I could bore you and give them to you.
Or I could just move on.....
Which is probably the wise thing.

In the Springtime,
when you see this happen.......

and this,

and this,

This last one didn't have anything to do with Spring at the Mahans.

However, I loved the Queen's Hat and coat
AND she matched my Azalea bushes so perfectly,
that I just had
 to throw her in here somewhere. HA!

Anyhow, when you see those beautiful big Azalea bushes blooming
at our house...then it's probably March.

Which ALSO means that it is time for...

"The Annual Mahan St. Patrick's Day Party!"
An event that we have been holding for nearly 12 years.

(Roxanne, Joyce, Marsha)

Every year we wear ourselves out preparing for this event.
And I hear my husband Don Mahan tell me the day before when we are cleaning and working in our yard like mad.....and hurting in our bodies,
(Various friends and neighbors)

"This is the last year we are doing this!"

I say...because we never can seem to stop doing this.
Partly because our friends ask us every year to do it...because they love the food we prepare.
And partly because love to host this.
Specifically because we live in South Louisiana and holding an
"Irish" gathering is very different.
Because the flair here is always very much "Cajun French."

(The Clark's and Don)

So that must get our "Irish" up so to speak.

Traditionally, we make all the boiled
"Corned Beef"
cooking it up in our HUGE "Crawfish" pots! HA!

And yes, we know that the people don't really eat that in Ireland..they traditionally eat ham.
However, the Irish Immigrants did eat this when they came to America
 and Americans continue
 to eat this every year on St. Patrick's.

We also serve, boiled cabbage, potatoes and carrots.
Potato rolls, and a host of various desserts.

Which usually end up being something
"Green" in color.

Our guests are a huge BLESSING and help to prepare
these items for everyone to share in.

(Our daughter Ariel and I last year)
So we hold to that menu pretty much every year.

Afterwards....for those who linger.

We have "Tea and Scones"
with Lemon curd and Jam......

Someone usually always wears a Kilt...
"someone" being my husband
Don Mahan that is!

My friend Roxanne brings beautiful
 home made Irish breads every year.
This year she made a gorgeous

Irish Brown Bread
that was to die for.
Everyone LOVED it!

All of our children...
Ariel and her husband, Gabe and his girlfriend,
Caleb and his fiance (wedding is in May)
Luke on the end with his girlfriend.

Another shot of our boys minus our daughter and
her husband who had to leave.

Gabe, Luke, Caleb

I don't think I have mentioned to any of you yet,
 that when we were England, in October,
 we also went to visit this place.

IT was so green.
Just like Ireland.
But it wasn't Ireland.

Maybe this photo will help you guess where we went.

Figured it out yet?

Another fabulous land of Castle's and Legends
and KILTS.

Here we are outside of Edinburgh Castle!

we went to SCOTLAND.

I will share more of time.

So you will have to just come back again.

Hopefully, I will do this in a shorter time frame.

I know, I know.....
3 month spans between updating is ridiculous.

I'll do better next time.