Sunday, March 11, 2007

First Attempt

I'm asking you to forgive me ahead of time.
This is my "First attempt" at "blogging" on my own.......I LOVE to read everyone else's blogs. I've been challenged by many to do one of my own but always thought......." thanks that's like writing in a diary and letting everyone in the WORLD read it and then getting crucified for what you thought or spoke even if it was right, even if it was wrong." Been there, done that.
PLUS.....I tend to use sarcasm al ot in my writings and or in my conversations, just for fun of course, no harm ever intended. I just love dry, and witty humor........( LOVE those Brits! They are SO GOOD at doing that!) so I am often taking the wrong way. Scary again. Especially when you have been vulnerable in the past and have been burned.
Yet, this "blog ideal" has wrenched in my gut for some time.......(along with other things wrenching my guts but we will talk about that at another time) and I love to write and occasionally, I do have a few "deep thoughts" come at me from time to time along with a lot of other not so profound thoughts, might help someone, to read them....ha!...and it will more than likely help myself to expel them from time to time instead of keeping them locked up inside of me churning around like those cotton candy machines you see at the fairs.....they swirl and swirl and the person working the machine puts that paper cone in and holds it in the swirl of pink or baby blue and before you know it......they bring up the cone and there's this huge bobble of cotton candy on it and it's fluffy and gorgeous and you know it's going to melt in your mouth. Hummmm.......where did that all come from? You see........that's how my thoughts work. They just come to me......I see them. I think, I see and I write or speak. That's how it works for me. And this my friend, is why I apologized ahead of time....... because of things like this. Ramblings. Good or bad.......that may come in my posts in the days ahead.

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