Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Oh Behave and drink your Tea!"

Here's a nice little fact for you....in case you care. I think it's worth printing.

"In the UK, 165 million cups of tea are drunk every day, most with milk."

Now there has been some "controversy" as to what to add first...."sugar or milk"....or even...."milk then tea"....I personally do whatever I am in the mood to do. HA! Of course I do the tea first then the other things....BUT I did see on Martha Stewart a famous British actress (I can't remember who she was! DUH!) and she said "you always add the milk first, then the sugar."
Okay then that's settled.

Why add milk?
When I was in Ireland....and I don't want to be "offensive" here....because "U.K." people (I'm including all the Isles in this catagory) are always "bashed" becaues of there teeth. But there may be some good reasons for that possibly and we may be able to clear all that up here tonight.

I was told that when you add milk to your tea, it "helps keep your teeth from staining." Makes sense to me. Have you seen some of the teeth of people in the U.K....?? Stained. This one Dr. was talking to me and I MEAN A very renowned Doctor and he was up close chatting with me and I was actually quiet freaked out by the apperance of his teeth so much so that I was thinking to myself...
"Hello you could get those fixed you know!"
So......I've always added milk to my tea but you can bet after that trip I ALWAYS will. HA! Milk will only help with the "stain issue" not straightening or cavities or other such things.

I had a friend from Connecticut....she taught me and another friend of ours to drink tea with sugar and real lemon and no milk. It's good that way especially if you haven't any milk AND want stained teeth.

Here is your tea quote for today:
"To an Englishman, tea is of far greater importance than toilet paper." — anon.
Not to pick on the Brits so much tonight because you all KNOW I much love them really.
But I couldn't resist that quote.


FeatherIron said...

I had a German step mother at one time and she got me drinking tea with milk and sugar. I drink it without now but I loved it as a child.

She also got me lovin cold toast with butter.

joyce said...

That is so weird......"cold toast" like you toast it then let it get cold? Do you butter it first or what? Before it's cold? I love toast now but it's just not the same now that it's "Gluten FREE"...ugh....but I'm getting used to the texture of it now. That's the problem....not the taste, it's the texture of this "gluten free" stuff. It's heavy as a brick! Blah.