Monday, September 10, 2007

Blah and so on.....

Monday and I still feel crummy.
I have a Dr. appointment today. I backed out of my Friday one and moved it to today because I didn't want to SIT forever in the Dr.'s office..that has gotten really bad...up to a 2 hour wait at times. What's up with that stuff?
AND....I didn't feel like battling Baton Rouge traffic. So I called and rescheduled my appoint and probably SHOULDN'T have done that because now I've gotten worse over the weekend.

This isn't my "regular" aches and pains..which thankfully are under control at this time somewhat..this infirmity is some cold/whatever yuck, thing.
It's in my head in my throat, in my lungs now thank you very much.

However my purpose of even posting this right now is not about's about someone that has a much greater need than mine.

I DO ask for you all to pray for a man that we know. He's been in a battle for some time now and he is weak and tired. Pray for his strength and for his healing. I know this has been very hard on him, his wife and children, and his family. This really is a wonderful bunch of people.

His name is George Waites and he is a great man. He needs to be touched in a mighty way. You can read his blog "The Secret Place of Elyon" which is about what his journey has been like.

You will have a new appreciation for life and health.
PLEASE USE his blog as a tool to encourage others that may be going through a crisis wither it be a health thing or whatever else. You will see some mighty courage in this family just through their writings. '

My heart is full of things today but I myself am weak so I better trod back off to bed for a rest before getting ready to see the Dr. and battle the traffic on the way there and on the way back. Errrrrr!

I need some sort of shot just for that don't I??

I want to move to where that photo is from....there isn't any traffic there.

More later.

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