Saturday, September 8, 2007


Yes sports fans, today begins the FIRST home game of the LSU football season. Should be a good game tonight against Virginia Tech. Whew! The boys played great for their first opening game against the "Bulldogs" at Mississippi State. Score 45-0. Ouch!

LSU IS currently ranked #2 in the college football rankings. That's not a pride thing...THAT is an honor they have earned big time. Through discipline, sweat, tears, and heartache.
Champions don't become champions with out an extreme cost being involved.
WE ALL need to remember that.

Here's wishing the Tigers a FABULOUS season for 2007...lets go all the way!!!
Hey and we have a new "Mike the Tiger" this year because the old one died. This one will be Mike the Sixth.
Someone told me in the pool group that they "poke" the tigers at games to make the roar.
Now that's crazy!
Maybe that's why the other 5 Mike the Tigers have died.
Somebody get PETA on the phone.

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