Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Here it is ......11:30ish and I need to be in BED. I'm not really sleepy yet and since I've been sick for over a week, right now when I lay down I get a horrible coughing attack so...I figured I'd give it a tad bit longer before I barge in the bedroom and wake up my sleeping husband!

Besides....I just finished my "homework" for a new Bible Study I joined.
My friends Lori, Julie and I are all attending this together with a bunch of women that we don't know from Adam. Well, Lori knows the teacher she's a family friend of theirs. The teacher is very sweet, has a kind spirit and she knows the WORD baby and I like that. I've needed this I haven't had a good bible study in a while.

We are studying a Beth Moore series called
"The Patriarchs" which is very cool. Obviously hence the's about the three "Patriarchs" of the Old Testament....Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Tonight's homework had several things that made me jump out of my skin and want to yell "Right On Sister".....because she hit some points that have been burning in my own spirit lately.

A few thoughts in a vague nutshell........because I have to go to bed so I can get up early for this Bible Study....but I want to state them quickly then come back to this later in another way that I have been praying about and pondering.

Because it's bugging me and HAS been. So this isn't something new in my heart.

Plus these things and thoughts have been greatly confirmed to me tonight, today, and even last night. Somethings "up" I'd say.

Here's something for you to take a gander at:
Proverbs23:10 in various translations.
"Do not move an ancient boundary marker"
"Remove not the old landmark"
"Do not move the ancient boundary"

I think we have lost something here. I think we better find it again......WE have moved the boundaries of many things due to us compromising in areas in our lives.

Beth Moore made a comment in my book that said this:
"Few things are more dangerous than looking back to that from which God has

I see and hear this all the time. I had lunch with some friends last week and a certain topic came up for discussion that has been coming up in many circles I am around. It's a hot's a hot potato.

Many of us "old school" people are bothered that it's happened and that it IS happening at rampant speed. We don't want to condemn and we don't want to be judgemental but we don't want it in our churches and we don't want it in our leaders either.
We see friends and others we know and love becoming involved with this.

We have grace for situations.....yet....for how long?

I have no ideal where or how or why this "thing" came into being in the church world that I have known and been involved in.
A few years back.....we wouldn'even be discussing this. Because it wouldn't be going on in most Pentecostal or Non Denominational settings.
But it's here now. Can someone tell me why?

I've been saddened over it and I think it's scary. Not scary for me....but scary TO me for others sake.

Something moved.
A boundary line was moved, it was changed, it was pushed back out of the way and it's dangerous.

Why? Because we are Americans....most of us anyway......and we really do not want nor do we understand moderation.

So this "hot potato" will have to sit here and cool for the night and we will head back into this subject "gently" tomorrow possibly.
I have super busy day planned for maybe not.
We will see how the day goes on.

Yawn....I really am yawning.
ZZZzzzz time for bed now.
Stay on the "path" folks.

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