Friday, October 19, 2007

Please consider praying for these people:

Oftentimes, I receive word of people who need prayer through various lines of communication. Sometimes I write it down or I save the e-mail or else it may just be embedded in my heart.

Alot of times we ask others to join in prayer with us. There is power in "AGREEMENT" on such things you know.

I have to tell you about this man man here in Baton Rouge named Larry G.

He oversees a vibrant Servant Cooking ministry at HPC.....he heads up the "Cooking for Christ" ministry but I have to say.....the man does SOOOO much more.

He takes his time to use the Internet and his e-mail address and his mailbox and his telephone I'm sure, and he then "communicates" those people's "NEEDS"......
like, "I need a car, I need a home, I need a bed to sleep in" and people's "WANTS,"
such as..."I want to help, I have a job opening for someone, or I want a little dog....
and people's "PRAYER Requests," which tie into those same things above all the way into crucial, life threatening prayer needs.

People then begin to "network" that way......through his passing on of their e-mails or whatever. They pray, and they HELP each other.
I love it. That my friends is the "Body" in action.

All this takes time. It just doesn't "happen."

I think he is a huge servant to do this. Because he doesn't have to. He could just read it and delete it but he doesn't. He just simply puts it "out there" and people are able to work through this very simple avenue.
It's cool actually.

Plus I like him and it says alot about his heart and....
He's one of the nicest guys on the planet too. He and his wife have had a lot of sad prayer needs themselves this year alone. But they still press onward. I appreciate that in them.

Today I have some things I want to share with you as well because I am a bit overwhelmed with it all. I need some help. Plus I don't feel I can run all these through Larry's prayer network. HA! It would be an all day event that is for sure but to these's life or death for some of them.

Please read them and keep them in your heart.

People depend on those of us that can and are willing to pray. It's not always convenient I know but I do know that when I need prayer......I am depending on people to stand in prayer with me as well.

It's quiet simple. It does take some moments of your time.

Please pray along even as you read these names and situations if that is all you can do.

I usually recieve no less than one "Missionary Prayer Request" e-mail DAILY (sometimes it's several) from "AGWM" and at times ALL I can do is read it and pray as I go. Because it's so much to read and deal with. Many times it's not one need it's three or four missionaries with needs and many are very important or life threatening.

Sometimes not only with those but other requests as well...IF I can do more....I do. I try to. However, life is busy and there are so many important needs all over the place.

There is no condemnation with this. I've learned not to "come under it all."
We must try to do what we can though. When we can.

You may know some of these people, and you very well may not.
But the Father knows them. That is the important thing.

Thank you ahead of time. I appreciate all of you and wish you blessings!


Please Pray for:

A young man named Scott L. that has Leukemia, he is the son of a friend of mines boss.

A Mother and Father of a teenager that is going through a very serious time right now in their life. The situation isn't good. The child needs help and the Mother is about to have a breakdown if something doesn't change. They are all on thin ice. I'm very concerned for them all. This is very good family and they are very distraught over this situation

Rachel, a Pastor's wife from Canada who is flying to the U.K. this weekend to help her Sister in Law with her small children. Rachel will fly and help her with the children that far and then the Sister in Law and kids must go on to a destination much further away where they will reconnect with her husband who is already there. They both will be doing "nursing" work in that mission field.

Mitch W. a little boy who is "scheduled" to have hernia surgery. Pray he has no fear and all goes well and he heals fast.

My friend Nora who just had her colon re-attatched and is recovering from surgery.

Robin who just had surgery on one arm and is about to have another.

A young man in his 20's named Jay on the East Coast who is being tested for possible Leukemia.

Two men who are going through severe difficulties with their job. Injustices.

Madeline Mccann who is still missing from her parents. Pray they find her. Pray for her parents to have peace.

Pray for a ministry family, friends of ours who have been through a traumatic time. They need healing, wisdom, finances, and new direction.

Pray for Norried and Doris Chaisson who went to a new mission field in June. We have had NO communication since they left.
The field they went to is very remote and HARD and they told us all that they would have no way to contact anyone for some time.....but it has been 4 months now and nothing. We don't even have an address.
They have been on my heart and I am concerned for them.

A pregnant lady whose husband who just moved here with her toddler so that she can live with her family while her husband prepares to leave for Iraq.

Pray for all our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the U.S. Military where ever they may be. I appreciate what they do.

Our friends daughter "K" has applied to a very special college and it will be a "miraclous" event if she is accepted into it. She has the faith for it so pray God's will for this matter.

For some ladies traveling to a retreat this weekend in Arkansas.

Pray for a Pastor's wife named Melinda with cancer.....

A Pastor's Mother named Sandra who was just in a horrible accident and needs alot of healing at this very moment.

Human Trafficking is a HUGE issue on MY list to pray about right now.
Some news came across my plate this week and I have been so upset about this topic ever since then.

We must pray about this.....all the time.

These are just a few things.....however, they are so important to each and every person listed here.

Thank you again for your time.

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