Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Winston Churchill on "Criticism and Pain".....ouch!

Lot's and lots of "flurrying about" going on in the Mahan house these past few days.

I've tried to be highly "organized".....because there's so much to do before a big trip and a lot to take and pack.

This doesn't even count the kind of crazy week I had last week and the crazy, busy, schedule I have for this week.

I feel a bit better right now though so that is a huge BLESSING!!

I'm trying to "hydrate" myself big time.

I think that has helped out, none of us drink enough water anyway and it does "flush" out the toxins. Believe me I need that because I'm taking many "toxins" into my system right now. Blah!

I've gotten so organized that I even have supper planned and laid out for tonight and have since about 7:30am! HA! I've wrote out Thanksgiving cards to mail to friends and other family we won't be seeing on this trip. I've wrote some e-mails. I've cleaned a bit...did some laundry. WHEW!!

When I "feel good" I tend to overdo it so I need to calm down a bit. Or I will pay for it later and I don't want to pay that "Piper."
I want that thing to GO AWAY forever.

Having lunch today with a dear friend. Took my friend Nora out shopping last night and got myself some "fatty" sweat pants as I call them...because I feel old and FAT in them....to wear on the trip up. HA!

I thought that might be less binding on my legs than jeans.

I want to be wise about this journey of about 18 plus hours. Cooped up in a truck. Blah!

I tried on those cool "Velvet" sweat pants but they are a bit....too "low riding" for me and WAY tooooo long as always. Hate that.
So we are doing the fatty sweats and they are fine and the right length.

Miss Priss recently got two pairs of the same sweats but they look great on her. Cute in fact. I will just have to face the fact that I am in my "prime of life" (aren't I?)....and have a bigger hiney than her.

I need to run to the bank and drop off some stuff at the Purple Cow too before lunch with my friend Diane.
I better run.
More later.

For now.....here's a great quote I found the other day.

"Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things."
Winston Churchill.

I love Churchill.
I always have. I wish I could have met him.

Although he looks a tad scary and intimidating.

There is no denying it....the man was "some kind of tough."
Don't you think??

One of last times I was back home I went with Don's niece who was in from New York to see a wonderful Museum exhibit I had read about in the newspaper that was showing in Omaha that was going to be all about Winston Churchill.
I couldn't wait to get over there to see what it was all about and in the end it was so worth the effort I had made to do so.

The exhibt was a traveling one and it's called....."Churchill and the Great Republic."
Of course it was GREAT and very informative. IF you ever hear of it coming to your area go and see it and learn.
He was an amazing man.

There is a small town in Missouri where there is a college, befittingly called "Westminster College."In 1946 Churchill visited and made his famous "Sinews of Peace" speech there and introduced the new phrase we all know as the "Iron Curtain" to people all over the world.

50 years later.....Prime Minister Margret Thatcher went back to Westminster to speak there too. Many famous political people have now followed in Churchill's shoes and visited that little town of Fulton and spoke at the College.

"Lech Walesa, Harry S Truman, Gerald R. Ford, Ronald W. Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev and NATO representatives" have all gone to Westminster College.
Is that amazing?

We've always stopped right above that town on the Interstate to get gas and sometimes "Subway" at a truck stop there.

It's convenient to stop there because it's midway between St. Louis and Kansas City.

We never seem to have time though to just pop into the town there and go to see the "Churchill Memorial" at the College. I hate that. I wish we had a ton of time to do small things along the way of the road like that.

But you know....It's always just such a race to get to where we want to be.

Maybe one day we can be more "leisurely" but I sort of doubt it.
We are Americans and always in a hurry.

I have a few thoughts on pain like he does too.
I think what he said was true.
On both counts.

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