Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sweet Little Tree

Here is our "Sweet Little Tree"......I snapped this tonight before turning into bed.
I had to wait up for the kids, who were both working tonight.

I love the little "Fairy Lights" on it.

I'll take another one of it in the daytime sometime.

Gabe's going to New York City for the weekend with the Girlfriend and her family and their visitors from England that are in staying with them all for the Holidays.

He said he would "send me some photos" from the trip.
He better.

I just "transfered" his "Christmas present" into his bank account today so that he could buy some "Snow Boots" and a few other things he needed.

We will miss him for Christmas this year. The last time he was gone from us for Christmas was when he was living in England doing an "Internship."

It seems weird not to have him here.

My very good friend Lori JUST e-mailed me to tell me that her family is in the "middle of a big Christmas!" They are opening their GIFTS right now.
She decided it was "the night" and woke everyone up and they have been doing gifts. IS THAT CRAZY?? I told her she was crazy.

Every family does different things you know.
That's what makes the world go round.

For now.......

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