Sunday, December 23, 2007


Busy day today. I'm exhausted. I want to watch some Christmas movies, but I think I will just go to bed instead. Which is wise and best.
I will have plenty of time in the next few days to do so.

We haven't any family here in the area so "Christmas" is just US.

Which is good and well but sometimes, it's also a bit lonely.
Especially with Gabe gone this year.
He will be having "Christmas in Connecticut."
HA! I had to say that at least ONCE!!

Friday night I made 2 batches of the "White Chocolate Fudge" from the recipe that I posted on here a while back. It turned out great.
The cranberries and orange peel along with the pecans make it fabulous and very colorful.

Yesterday before church I made 1 batch of "Peanut Butter Fudge"...ummmm. I just had a couple pieces with a cup of tea.
For some reason....I LOVE having a cup of tea with a piece of fudge.

That is some real......"Comfort and Joy"...not just the tea by that name nor the song either.

Don who tonight has been watching of all things..."Shreik" is having a bit of fudge himself right now. I just took him a little saucer full of both kinds of it. He especially likes the Peanut Butter one.

This all the "Holiday baking" I will be doing.
I'm SO not into it this year.

Miss Priss made only one batch of cookies and that was all. They didn't last long. She's been so busy herself that she hasn't had time to do more. The cookie dough will stay in the freezer I guess.

If you would like a piece of either kind of fudge, please come on over and have a chat and we will be honored to serve you some fudge along with a cup of tea.

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