Sunday, December 30, 2007

Help Stop "World Ironing"....

I saw this article on the BBC the other day.....about
"Political Protest Slogans".....apparently they had people send in photos of themselves with their "protest sign" and they printed them on the site.

I am all in favor of protesting "good and decent causes" when it IS the right thing to do.

So I couldn't resist looking and thought to myself...."let's take a look and see what's going on."

Of course there was your "anti Bush" and "anti war" signs....those are typicalof course.

Then there were a few other signs that I didn't quite understand their meaning or have knowledge of the cause they were protesting.....I believe some were specific "country" issues I take it. The type where"you had to be there to understand it"kind of thing.

But then I found this "little gem of a protester and his sign".....
and I thought...."hummm.....this is interesting."

I'm ALL ABOUT "not ironing"....I think I'm getting in on this thing.
It's a worthy cause huh? "Not ironing."
Works for me.

"Crumpled stripes" may just be "part" of the unlocking "world peace"....or "global warming" or whatever.

BUT..... they are going to have to "run up and down" for me my friend."

No "horizontals" for me.
Is that too "conflictual?"

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Shari said...

I didn't know that people still ironed. We just take our clothes out of the dryer and wear them. I'd rather blog than iron.