Friday, January 25, 2008

Dreary Friday....but the sun will shine again!

"Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us." Romans 5:3-5

It's still yucky out this morning, but it is to warm up this weekend.
You can never really tell though until it gets here. This is a "wet" region no matter what time of year it is due to the extreme humidity we have living on the coast.

When it is damp in the somewhat chills you to the bone.
In fact, I want to get back in bed....but I can't. I have places to go today and things I have to get accomplished.

Today Deena is STRONGLY on my heart and I have been praying for her all through the night as she begins her chemo treatments today. PLEASE everyone that reads this pray for her. This is her first treatment. It is a bit scary and that is totally understandable. She's been through alot.

My friend Nora had her biopsy this week and is now awaiting (nervously I might add) the results of those tests. We are asking for "grace and favor." I will let you know what becomes of this.

My friend Susan did not get a good report at all this Wednesday as she went to surgery on her breast. They found the issue to be worse than they expected and ended up doing more than they had thought they would and removed 7 lymph glands under her arm. They are being tested and they are looking for further invasion.
She had to stay the night in the hospital and wasn't supposed to.
I know she's overcome by all this.

The Dr.'s discussed chemo and other treatment situation's with her. They are now just waiting on further outcomes of the tests they ran and the tissue/lymph glands they removed.
Pray for her.

I have another friend I talked to yesterday that is in SEVERE depression. I don't want to say much more about this. But please pray. We need wisdom on this situation with her. She needs some help and someone to intervene and we thought something had been done to help remedy the situation and it's gone from bad to worse actually.
Much, much worse.
I have to go for now but I say THANK you to all my friends in "Blog land" who involve themselves in to so many other peoples lives and care "for" and "about" them.
Even though many of you aren't near...some of you are.....but many of you aren't which makes it very special to know that you are still concerned no matter the distance.

You all are awesome and I am so grateful for a "world wide" connection of ladies that have hearts bigger than the ocean.

Thanks for all you do!
I'll write more later..
Joyce :~)


Susie Harris said...

I know what you are feeling. I too just wanna jump back in bed. I have Maddy home with a stuffy nose. Im sure its cause of the weather here. After reading the needs of your friends it makes me count my blessings. Its so easy to go day by day and forget to give thanks for our health. My prayers are with all of them. I think its the "not knowing" thats so hard. Last May we thought my oldest had lympomia. Im sure I spelled that wrong. After many test and a vistit to St. Jude (in BR) we found that he didnt. Praise God! He was born with 2 holes in his heart. When Jesse gets something its always big. Hope you have a great, warm,dry day. hehe Your blogger friend, Susie

HerstoryGirl said...

I say if it's going to be this COLD, the least it could do is SNOW!!!!
My almost 4-year-old has never seen it. =(
Rain, rain, go away...
{{{hugs}}} to you, Joyce!
Summer =)

Susie Harris said...

I came across your friend blog, Summer. I saw that she went to HPC. Are you a Hpc chick too? Haha that is just too funny. You just might see me there! If you are , did you go to the chick brunch? I was there... such a small world