Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Day

Caleb, Caleb's friend Phoebe, Luke and Don

Today we are trying to remain "festive" even though my husband has "offically" started the beginnings of the "remodel" on our kitchen. Blah!

It will be nice when it's finished. He's started to rip out the laundry room area. It's been a bit messy however....nothing like what's about to come though.

They PROMISE me that this project will go fast and since my son Caleb is one of the very, "Top Notch" Cabinet installers for my husband's company.....so I believe that it will go very fast.
My husband amongst many other hats....is a "Master Carpenter" as well.
So I know I am in GOOD hands.

In the next few weeks as my husband finishes the laundry area, and gets the new cabinets installed, they will then move into the kitchen.
The new cabinets are in and waiting in the warehouse.
We will be putting in brand new "Cambira" (natural quartz) counter tops along with all new kitchen appliances. All these things are set to move into where the "old" things have been.
It's time.

It's also been a day for impressive "Bowl Games"....GOOD JOB MIZZOU!

I hope our "Tigers" do as well next Monday......we are all excited here but it's scary too. There's been way tooo many "thrills" this season. HA!

For a late lunch we had the "traditional" Louisiana fare for New Years Day......
"Pork Loin, cooked cabbage, and black eyed peas and rice and gravy"....amongst some other things I made...cheese biscuits and asparagus.....for dessert.....yummy...."Key Lime Pie."
Thank you "Mrs. Smith" for that.

We "forgot" to open our "English Crackers" for Christmas Day so we did them today!
That was fun! We laughed at the very cheesy jokes too.
Look at these "Grand" prizes we got inside of our crackers....amazing how they can shove all that stuff into them.

Paper Hats, and prizes and jokes.
Caleb putting together a "toy train" he got out of his cracker.

It's cooled down a bit from yesterdays high temps...so we were able to light a fire in our fireplace to warm us today as well. Ther is going to be a "hard freeze" tonight and supposed to get down to 29 degrees so we will have to cover our plants up real well in a bit.

Miss Priss is with friends at a movie, Gabe's in Connecticut. He went to Boston this past weekend so I will post his photos from that trip when he sends them.
HE LOVEEEED Boston, even much more than New York City.
He said it was a lot "calmer" there. HA!

The "Sugar Bowl" just came on......I think I will go get into my Pajama's and watch it from the couch and be cozy, right beside the fire. Ummmmm......

I SO didn't "fix up today" can you tell?
Oh well....there's always tomorrow.

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karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Looks like a fun hearalding in of the new year at your house!