Monday, January 28, 2008

Many things.......

Who doesn't just love sweet little violets? They have no pretenses to them at all.

I couldn't resist using this photo tonight because the violets look so pretty and calm and peaceful and well.....purple.
Purple is good.
Plus the sight of them sort of "carries one away" from where your at and take you to someplace else. I felt that while looking at the photo.

They take me back to my Grandparent's backyard in Missouri. I used to pick them as a child and then run with a tightly squeezed, handfuls of them into the house only to hand them off proudly to my Grandmother.

She would in turn, put them in some water in a tiny vase and proudly set them on the table or some other very visual place.

That's a fun memory on a chilly January day. It's good to think back at times and smile. :~)

Many things have been happening. Not just for me but for many people I know personally and "know of."

I'm going to update you all on a few items and push some of my cheesy photos off on you as well at the end of this writing.

Let me state several updates first.
My good friend Nora......firstly....thanks so much to everyone who has prayed.
It has made a difference and it really helped her today.

She went to her Oncologist today.
The report was as we knew it would be....Cancer is back. That is definite.
However, she was told it was probably a "new type" of cancer last week.

It isn't. It's the same one she had previously. She was clear of all cancer in October, now it has "metasticized" and is in some new parts of her body.

She feels "really good" about her report. She told me FIRST thing on the phone when she called me today....."it's the BEST report I could have hoped for."
I feel good that SHE feels good and we will continue to pray for her.

It's still not all roses but you know what.....we are looking at the cup HALF FULL!
Not half empty.
I think that is the biggest part of a battle in most cases of anything.
How you look at it.

It's still "Stage 4"'s still a "rare" cancer that creates tumors and it is agressive.
Her two Dr.'s (she saw her other Dr. next) told her......
"Your going to be fine."

So...She's pressing onward already!
They will know in two months....what's happening as far as growth and if the going back on the chemo pills are helping or not and if not they will switch things up a bit.
They did not order radiation nor intravenous chemo. They don't treat this particular cancer that way.

They treat it with the pill form of chemo. She already started her new chemo pills today.

Tonight we received word that the Pastor of our church and good friend, is having a consultation with a special "Dr." on Wednesday.
I can't go into great detail right now as you can probably understand, but it is a serious situation and he needs prayer.

Deena. Continue to pray for her she's got a very good disposition in a hard situation as well. I think she's doing great actually!
Check out her blog.
And I don't think I have mentioned to you all of the
"Two Ethan's" that we have been lifting up in prayer.

They are both children.

One "Ethan" is a baby in Arkansas....many people have learned of him or know of him.
He's at St. Jude's right now. Please pray for this family and for Ethan.

The second "Ethan" is a young boy who lives in Iowa in my sister's neighborhood....I think he's 15 years old. He's in a huge battle as well.

These things are ALL very serious.

But we must keep our spirits UP so as not to come under the load of them. That way......we stay "on top"....and that is important.

Sooooo....."Cheesy photos" coming right up now......

Cheesy photo number one is my hick version of some of the very cool photos I see online. It's what I like to call my...."computer desk setting 'Valentine's Extraordinaire. tee towels I got for the kitchen for Valentine' cupid canvas artwork painting that I had...resting on a cute Bettina "Fleur Des Leis" easel that I bought in St. Francisville.

Glitter "Love" banner I found at Target in the "Dollar bargain bin" thing that is in the front of the store.

"Very pretty" glitter gift bag I bought about 4 years ago and had shoved somewhere in a hall closet.....and just found the other day purely by accident....just in TIME for this Valentines Day. Because I've forgotten all these other years.

And here are some other tossed in pink or red items that I thought would match.

Little teapot with red detailing....tissue paper, some shoe "wallies"... silk roses in a tiny vase. Woodwick candle I just had purchased too. They are supposed to "Crackle" when you burn them. Interesting. fluffy boarders for that shot either.

Next...Gumbo shots.....made it yesterday. Should have done it FRIDAY or SATURDAY when it was sooooo freezing here. But I didn't feel good and was crabby so....I made it yesterday when I felt better and wasn't crabby.

Well.......your going to love this.
I didn't download the "gumbo and cabinet" shots like I thought I had and now my wretched camera is dead won't download.

Guess we will show those photos tomorrow once I check the batteries in the camera.

Please stay tuned.


Heidi said...

I too love violets Joyce. I just said to DH that I wanted to go buy a tray of winter violets (Heart's Ease) to plant up in a pot for some cheerful color. We are still waiting for some of our bulbs to grow and bloom.

I am sorry to hear you have RA. I hope the shots help. I have three chronic illnesses and there is life even with pain.

Hugs ~

Nora Lee said...

Joyce, thank your for stopping by and visiting. I will be in a city on Saturday that has a hobby lobby and will check it out. My prayers are also with your friends.


Joyce said...

Thanks Heidi,
Some days are harder than others. Alot of days I haven't any strength or dexterity in my hands along with other odd things happening in other joints at the same time. I wish it wouldn't move around. I wish it would LEAVE!
I hate when I can't cut vegetables or put dishes up or....use scissors, or whatever else. Pain is a drag..but you do learn to cope with it oddly. It's like it's there...but your used to it.
Sorry to hear you have all those physical issues.
Thanks for so much your encouragement!

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the comments you left on my blog. My grandmother had lots of petunias planted around her house. Everytime I see or smell petunias, I think of Granny Walker. That was not her name. I called her that because she did not drive and walked everywhere she went.
Hugs and Blessings.

Angie(quillysilly) said...

Joyce, I always feel like violets are just little purple pockets of sunshine. When I see them I remember playing as a child in my grandparents yard! What happy times.

I will be praying for all of your friends...

The secret to that close up vingette that you are trying to make is literally CLOSE UP. Push the items very close together and layer them. The find the setting on your camera that lets you do close ups. It will turn out splendidly~!

Joyce said...

That is SO funny....I looked up the word...."vignette" you know they use MANY French words and terms here but that one...I hadn't heard of.
Vingette."2 a: a picture (as an engraving or photograph) that shades off gradually into the surrounding paper."
How funny...I was thinking..does she mean "Beignet???"
That French word I know very well. HA!
Thanks for the advice...I am so not the crafty one or the photographer.
:-) HA!
Thanks for any and ALL prayers for people I know and love and those that I don't. We all need a little help at times.
Be blessed.