Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sad Hollywood Ending

"Miss Priss" and I, were very shocked and saddened to hear about the death of "Heath Ledger" tonight.
I hadn't heard the news and neither had she when I went to check my e-mails at about 6:30pm and saw the "headlines" stating that he had been found dead.

I called Miss Priss at her little job and she was absolutely shocked and kept saying "No!"

That was exactly what I said in my "heart" several times when I saw the news headlines. I kept thinking...."this is final, this life is over."
Now, not that we are HUGE fans of his.
Nor have we followed his career really or were advocates of his personal lifestyle or acting roles.

But I think his death bothered has us for a few reasons.

He was young.

He had a highly visable acting career.
His life ended fast.
My middle son resembles him greatly.
And he has a baby daughter.

I'm a Mom, so several of those things listed above touched my heart.

We had liked "a few" of his movies....namely....."A Knight's Tale" and of course....."The Patriot."

A few years back when the movie "The Patriot" came out, a friend took me to the movie "for my birthday."

I bawled through the whole movie
so did the other person I was with and they had already seen it once.
I still cry if I watch it.
For a few reasons again......
It's a very emotional movie first of all.

And Heath Ledger played the oldest son "Gabriel".....ummm.....my first born is a "Gabriel."

And his little sister looked JUST like "Miss Priss" at the time. Ugh! I hated that when she was telling Mel Gibson in that one scene "Papa, don't leave Papa." Rip your heart out you know?

Don't misunderstand me I think the movie was fabulous, but sad.

My family loved "A Knight's Tale" because it was the typical....."fairy tale" where the underdog comes out on top thing.This now brings an end to another young "Hollywood life."

Honestly, I would have seen the death of some other Hollywood young people coming before his. I hope they ALL take notice of this death.
This proves once more...."we are NEVER guaranteed one more day."
No matter WHO you are!


Antique Paperie said...

I know Joyce - what a sad thing. I immediately thought of his little daughter, Matilda. I thought he was a good actor, so very good in the Patriot. A life ended all too soon. Very heartbreaking -
xo Sherri

Susie Harris said...

Not really sure who he was but I did see him in a movie once. Its always sad to hear of a death when children are left behind. He was a very good lookin' guy! Susie

SweetAnnee said...

I too was saddened..
& shocked..there are just some folks who seem to have it "together" despite being famous..

He will be missed.."A Knight's Tale" is the first movie I saw him in!!

fondly, deena

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hi Joyce, this is the first time I've visited your site, and a nice to see US or should I say the world, loved and followed Heath as much as we do here in Australia, he will be sadly missed by many.

The first movie I saw that Heath done which gave him his break into Hollywood is 2 HANDS. He was regarded as the next Mel Gibbson. But we also seen him grow on some small parts on tv shows.

Joyce your reading and your blog is very beautiful. Thanks!!