Saturday, January 19, 2008

My good friend Chantelle,

Me holding the baby and Chantelle on the right.

One of our family's "GOOD" friends came into town this week from Birmingham.

Chantelle was a girl of 18 when God brought her into our lives.

We all went to the same church and knew each other from there. There were many young girls her age there at that time and they really needed people in their lives. Especially older women. I was a "younger" older woman then. HA!

But it was that "Titus 2-3" thing really and it worked out good for us all. Now we have a long lasting relationship that spans time and state lines.

Miss Priss was just a new born when Chantelle called and asked me "could she come over and talk to me." She felt as if the Lord had impressed on her to be a part of our lives and that we had things we could teach her.
She was a pre-school teacher at our church's day care at the time and ended up working there for many years.

So my husband and I became "mentors" to her and she became like a "sister" to us, and an Aunt to our children.

She was a big help to us in our lives with our kids and would babysit them while we went to events or away on missions trips, just whatever.

She's all grown up and moved away and married now and has a new baby of her own!
I can't believe how the time has flown by.I can still see Chantelle rocking "Miss Priss" in our big ol'lazy boy chair.

We used to watch every romantic movie there was and we LOVED "Anne of Green Gables" and we used to wear hats for fun and we used to go to tea all the time.

WE loved shopping together and doing crafts. She was an avid reader like I was.
We loved going to Hallmark and reading the cards and laughing until we nearly wet our pants. We used to go to St. Francisville and shop, well, none of us had any money back then, we mainly "window shopped".....going to Zachary at Christmas time and cut our own Christmas trees down.

We have so many wonderful memories together.

Chantelle says she has a very BAD habit of calling her "Miss Priss's" real name. Can you imagine that! HA!
Here we are at a "Greek" restaurant.

I myself was a "stay at home" Mom for nearly 19 years. Chantelle now has to go back to work and is concerned about where to place her baby for childcare. I wish we all lived closer and I could help her out.

Mom's today have a hard time staying home with their babies because things are so expensive and it is VERY hard to live on one income any more.

I totally understand how the economy is now days with gas being so high and groceries being expensive. I don't know how we ever did it financially except for the GRACE of God along the way through the years.I pray she finds a proper place for this baby to go to for daycare and they will love her and teach her good things like we were all taught and passed onto others.

It's a good thing when we let people into our lives.
I really MISS Chantelle.....and being near her little family.


IsabellaCloset said...

Joyce, Sweet little Mis Priss is beautiful and so are you and Chantelle.
It's amazing who God brngs Angels into our lives. Just like He has brought you into mine...
God bless you for being my friend.
Now please take care of your self!
Hugs & much love ~Mary~

Charlotte said...

What a beautiful story. I don't know what people do without God, church and Christian friends.

Susie Harris said...

Hi Joyce, I came across your blog and enjoyed reading it. I too am from south Louisiana. I love to visit St Fransisville(not sure of the spelling) as well. My blog is Would love to hear from you

staceyn said...

Chantelle is so beautiful. AND THAT BABY. Thanks for posting those. And give her a big hug for us. Stacey

Valentine Hearts said...

Hi Joyce,

The baby is beautiful, fab pictures you all look really happy. I loved reading your story! I have emailed you but sorry it is short x

Antique Paperie said...

Joyce - I will also say a prayer for Chantelle in the hopes God leads her to a safe daycare or provider for the baby. What a CUTIE!!! Thank you for writing about this - I agree with Charlotte - I don't know what we would do without the fellowship of our Christian friends. Praying that everything will be alright -
hugs my friend! xo Sherri

Susie Harris said...

Hi Joyce.I know what you mean about on line weirdos. Im always trying to watch myself. Lets see... We must be neighbors. Smile.. That b&b was in Lafayette. Its called Country French B&B. You would love it. The flowers are wonderful but like I said no tubs. Thanks for commenting on my plaques.Im in the Broadmoor craft show. Im sure you have heard of it. Smile. They are made on wood. I no longer work on copper. It has just gotten to expensive. So glad to hear from you! I love this blog stuff. Its all new to me. Hope to chat again soon. Smiles, Susie

Karla said...

I love your blog! I added it to my side-bar list.

Thanks for your comments... Come again soon.

Susie Harris said...

Hi Joyce. Its me again (smile). I just wanted to give you that website for that B&B. Its The lady that owns it is Susie Aycock Fleniken. I wasnt crazy about the location of it but it was pretty close to alot of good little shops. My husband just loved that! One of my Fav's is The Royal Standard. We have one of those close by. If you havent been there you need to check it out. Oh my Lordy!! I love that store. If you know of a good place to stay in St. Francisville please let me know. Thanks and keep warm. Its cold here and Im ready for spring! Smiles, Susie

Shari said...

Glad that you and Chantelle could get together and get caught up. I know about that "by the Grace of God" stuff. I've been staying home with my kids for 13 years. But that means that we have to give up a lot of stuff - no eating out, no cable TV, no "latest clothes and shoes". There are Pros and Cons.

Heidi said...

Oh Joyce what a wonderful post! How great that you and Chantelle have each other in life. It is a shame she is far from you now but it sounds like your lives are enriched through your friendship.

Hugs ~