Thursday, January 17, 2008


Wednesday I wanted to finish writing about St. Francisville but instead what I had planned to do was pre-empted and filled with sad phone calls and tragic news all the way through the day. It's okay though, God is STILL on His throne and we press onward.

Pray for my GOOD friend Nora, she had a scan this week and found out yesterday that her cancer is back. She's been clear now for about a good year and a half. So I was sad sad when I talked to her on the phone. Of course, I didn't let her know that.....but afterwards....I fell apart. For her. Because she's got a strong front on right now. And rightly so.
She will have a biopsy on her sternum on this coming Tuesday the 22nd.

Another friend of mine who is connected with several other friends of mine as well, found out on this Tuesday that she has cancer of her breast. We have now added Susan's name to our prayer list.

I have a tiny, very FUN, part time job, at nearby shop and I know I am "appointed" to be there for many reasons...upon arriving yesterday I found out that one of the employees there that I am very close to wasn't going to be coming in.

Her Niece's 25 year old husband had been killed in a motorcycle accident the day before coming home from work.
They have a 3 month old baby.
My friend called into work and I talked to her a few moments......their entire family is absolutely devastated. All she could do was cry. They are in so much pain and shock right now.

I was so sad for her and especially for her Niece who has now become a widow at a very young age. Her name is Angie.

I listened to her and comforted her the best I could over the phone.

My heart is very heavy with all these things that are happening and that have all hit at one time.....yet I am not discouraged.
I am grieving with my friends.

But I am so thankful that I have such a mighty rock to stand on during times like these....and I am able to be strong for people that can't be strong at the moment.

That is what friendships are all about. Lifting up one another in hard times. Standing in the gap when someone can't.
IF you will and you have a moment.....would you pray for these women and their families?
They would appreciate ALL the prayers they could get right now.

I have to run Miss Priss to the dentist again this morning.

I will be back and write more later.
For now.......
Be blessed,


Valentine Hearts said...


Sending virtual love and thoughts to you and your friends in this hard time x

Angie(quillysilly) said...

oh Joyce...of course I will be thinking of each of them. There is a saying that I try to live by..."If God brings you to it, then he'll bring you through it." Keep up your spirits, not just for those who are going through the ordeals, but for yourself. Toodles...Angie