Friday, February 15, 2008

Fab Friday

This has been an interesting and busy week for some reason but I am not complaining.....I'm THANKFUL that I am able to do what I've been doing.

Today I am off to meet a friend at an "Irish" tonight my husband and I have a "Valentine's Day Dinner" to go to at some friends of ours home and it will be FUN as more couple will be there as well. Mutual friends of the host wife and mine...our friend Susan who just went through the Breast cancer surgery.....and her husband.

I know my friend Diane is already into "painstakingly" setting up and cooking this dinner. It's her "gift." She has the "gift of hospitality" big time so she is very into this and I love that we are all able to "recieve" from her and her kindness.

It's very overcast and dreary here. I'm not sure what it's like where you are. ButI wish you sunshine. Or a nice nap.

I was very sad to hear last night about the lastest shootings in upper Illinois.

May PEACE and mercy come on those families of the victims and to the people of that area.

We lost THREE young women in our own town last week due to this same type of situation at a local college.
It is SO wrong for these things to happen.

I am thinking of them all today.

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KJ said...

Ok, this is a happy and sad post... So, first the happy side.

That sandwich and soup looks amazing! You didn't comment on it. Did you make those items or were those photos taken at Irish? Yum!

I'm glad to hear that you had a great Valentine's Day! It sounded very romantic!

And, finally, the sad side... The shootings... It really seems to be getting out of control, doesn't it? I know they keep blaming it on taking or not taking medication. I really think it stems from so much more than that.

Happy weekend!