Wednesday, February 20, 2008

~My good friend Nora~

Here is a photo fo my friend Nora.

We went to lunch last week and I begged her to let me snap a photo of her because I think it helps people to have a "Visual" of someone or something that you are talking about.

She looked very good too that day. She has her wig on, although, she told me she nearly went without it that day but when she was doing her hair she saw "Six hairs in the sink that morning" so she decided to wear the wig.
She is so funny.

Nora used to be one of my employees.

Then I became ill and needed to totally quit my job and then she became ill and took a very long leave of absense. During this time we would check on each other on the phone and I would go and pick her up and take her out shopping or out to eat because she wasn't getting out much. She had been through such a major surgery, she was very weak.

She just started back to work at the same place last year. Which I was very excited for her because this gave her some "purpose."Recently the Dr's have told Nora that her "cancer" is's the same breed but now in different places and including some of her stomach again. It's a rare cancer they tell her. She's now back on oral chemo.

When she first was diagnosed she had a "cancerous tumor" the size of a FOOTBALL in her stomach and other we are praying she will get through this again because she was "clear" even as of November of last year. This cancer is VERY aggressive they told her.

She has lost a TON of weight but she hasn't lost her humor or wit...both of which I love. She has a very "dry humor" and she cracks me up all the time.

Recently she went to the Library to get a John Grisham book and it's new so they needed to put her name on a "wait list"....they told her she would be #55....she told them......"Forget it I will be dead by then."

That's Nora.

I fussed at her for saying that because I am always encouraging her NOT to say what she says about her life and other such things. I want her to stay a bit more "postive." But she IS pretty much the same age as my own Mother so I can't fuss a whole lot. She's just a very spunky person.

Anyhow, here's a photo of some beautful silk tulips Nora gave to me last month.
I LOVE them. They are a great reminder of her to me.Sorry the first photo is clearer but I have an old tea cup and saucer and a gaggle of antique dolies I had just purchased at a store and was had taken a photograph of them for something or another and captured the tulips Nora gave to me in that picture.
So I had to use it today because it's better than this second one.

It's very over cast and cloudy here today so my next photo with the cleared off table isn't shooting well....ugh.
I am no photographer that is forsure.


Alice said...

I'm so sorry that your friend's cancer returned. I've seen this happen to a lot of folks and the doctors are able to keep knocking the cancer back time after time. I pray this is what happens with Nora. The tulips she gave you are beautiful. I love those colors.

Steph said...

Nora looks and sounds like a beautiful person!

Sara said...

Nora looks great! I never would have guessed it was a wig. I agree about positive thinking but her comment about waiting at the library is a hoot! I'm so glad you have each other to lean on and have lunch dates. I'm praying for her!

Anonymous said...

I think Nora looks great, and the wig looks fabulous on her. It must be terribly demoralising for cancer to spread like that. Great sense of humour!


Anonymous said...
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Denise said...

I am so sorry about your friend.. I too have a friend that has pancreatic cancer and has been fighting for 3 years.... She is not doing well and I fear that her time is so short here........We have prayed for her over the past three years and trusted God to take care of her........ I cannot begin to know the mind of God and will just trust Him with her...... I try to see her every day but some days I just cannot............ We have been friends for 30 years and we lost her husband suddenly just last August............. We cried and cried.............. She will get to see his smiling face soon.......... they were both member of my Church that my husband and I had for several years.......back in the early 90's I know that the love he had for the Lord carried him home safely and will do the same for her............ I will remember your friend in my prayers...............


A Romantic Porch said...

What an interesting caring post about Nora. May God richly bless both of you. xo Rachel

Joyce said...

Hello Joyce, Thank you for stopping by. I have met only one other Joyce and she was a class mate of mine. I am so sorry about your Friend Nora. I will put her on my pray list. Feel free to stop by any time.
Love and Hugs,

KJ said...

So many people are fighting cancerous battles right now. It really grieves me. Good, godly people... I will pray. She really sounds like a hoot!

Hugs, KJ

SweetAnnee said...

Thanks for sharing you friend Nora
She looks great.
her gift of tulips are LOVEly too.

I'm so sorry cancer is back..all I can
say is UGH
I hate cancer!!

KJ said...

JOYCE... I read your nice comment on my blog. If you haven't read my emails to you yet, be sure to pull them up. I am anxious to hear your answers!

Tootles, KJ