Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wistful Wednesday

Valentine's Day is now upon is.

Last night my husband took "Miss Priss" out for a "date" to a nice Italian Restaurant. They had a very nice time. He wanted to spend "special time" with her and I of course was very encouraging of this.
She growing up fast and will not be with us forever. We have to make these precious memories while we are able to.

My husband had been at a seminar all day and was in driving rain and bad traffic on his way home so he didn't have time to stop and get her flowers. But he asked her if she would "like to stop and get a bouquet of flowers" while they were on their way to the restaurant and she said "No Dad, I'm fine. Besides I have some."

Which was true.....some "young man" whom she is "only friends" with had given her a bouquet of VERY NICE red roses the other night. Hummmm.....interesting. They sit on our kitchen table even now.

I just want to remind the Mom's to not forget the "sons" and the Dad's to not forget the "daughters" not just on Valentines Day.....but always.

This is a good way to "train" them for their relationships in the future and to spend quality time with them.
I already mailed a card and a bit of "cash" off to our son in Connecticut....we are missing him.They can move away but they never leave your heart.
My heart is heavy today for the countless Mom's who can't send Valentine's Day cards out to their children. Maybe because their child has left the "earth" or they are possibly disconnected from them in some way.

I'm wishing you all a wonderful day.


IsabellaCloset said...

Joyce, We are so blessed to have these children in our lives!
How sweet that your Hubby & "Miss Priss" had a date..
Hope all is well with you..
Hugs & love ~Mary~:-}

Charlotte said...

This is so true. They never leave your heart. I think it is so sweet that your daughter to dinner. You're so right. One day they're at home with you and then all too soon, they're gone. It's so important to have a good relationship with our children.I wish every parent did.

Charlotte said...

should have proof read my comments. I'm sure you know what I meant by that third sentence but I sure didn't say it right.

Shari said...

That is so neat that your husband took your daughter out on a date. When I was in grade school, my Dad did that with me at Christmas. Then, we would go buy my mom a Christmas present. I got to pick the restaurant and usually it was McDonald's. I remember that he took me out for my Birthday, too - when I was older. It's a very special thing that a father can do.

KJ said...

Hi Joyce!

I had you on my mind most of this evening! I kept reminding myself to email you when I got home from church. Lo and behold, when I arrived home, you had posted on my blog (and a lovely post at that).

I am sending off your St. Arbucks card tomorrow. I am sorry for the delay. If you read my praise report on my blog, you know that I was a bit distracted by survival issues last week. Alas, I have my focus back again.

So, you should have it by Monday, if not sooner. You must share your first cup of java with me by emailing me the details of your first cup of java. That way, I will feel like we had coffee together!

Hugs, KJ

KJ said...

P.S. Please email your address to me once again. This will save me having to look for it! {{GRIN}}