Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday, Good Friend, and Greek Food

My friend Nona called me this morning and wondered if I could "meet her for Greek food"....I said.."sure."

IF you've never tried Greek should give it an attempt sometime. It's very good. We both tried out an appetizer that we had never had before and then we both had Chicken "Sharwarma." It was yummy!!!

We had a great visit and a great lunch.

I've known Nona for years....but then our family moved away for several years and I lost contact with her. Once coming back to this area, I ran into her and we "re-connected" and it's been a joy to be around her again.

I promise you.....Nona is one of the "sweetest and kindest" woman I have ever known in my entire life. I'm not kidding.

Her and her husband have had their share of tragedy and loss through the past few years too, and it's not made her bitter or angry in any way.

In fact, you would never know. Because I didn't. That is until someone told me not long ago.

I didn't believe them, I kept saying....."you must be thinking of someone else" because she had never mentioned it to me since I've been back around her.

Finally I couldn't stand not knowing the truth, so asked her and it was indeed true....they had lost their son who was just a little bit older than my own Gabe in a terrible accident just a few years ago.

My heart was so broken for her family after she told me the story. I grieved for them for days.

I am so grateful that she didn't become hard....and that she didn't shrivel away somewhere and hide.
To loose a child is such a great loss. I can't say that I would have been as strong as she's been if it would have been me that had to walk their path instead.

She's such a great example and I love her dearly.

Today is Good Friday.
I hope I never get too busy or caught up in a "day off" to forget to reflect on what this day is all about.
I am thankful for the sacrifice that was made for my behalf.

My husband was born on Good Friday .....a few years back. And it was a good day for that as well......Easter is early this year. We will celebrate his birthday next month.

We will celebrate Easter however, every day.

Have a great weekend!


iwka said...

Didn't know Don is a Good Friday boy...
check my blog about traditional Easter in Poland :-)

Susie Harris said...

Was that Albahsha's in Prairieville? I love that place!!!!

Valentine Hearts said...

Happy Easter xx

Denise said...

I have never tasted Greek Food.... I will try that.........

blessing to you this Easter