Sunday, August 31, 2008

And So It Begins.....

Thanks to all of you all that have called us and written personal e-mails to me today and that have left sweet and thoughtful comments on my site today.

My family totally appreciates your prayers and the thoughts and the support that has been shown... NOT JUST for us.....but for ALL Louisianians right now.
And many are spread all over 7 States right now. Can you imagine that?
It's amazing to see how everyone in the Nation is once again coming to the aid of our State.

And for that we say "Thank you" in advance.

The winds have begun.

And we are currently under a Tornado Warning...and will be for probably the next day or so.

I think we are ready.

Well as ready as a person can be.

The men got the windows on the house boarded up.......

*We've checked on our friends and neighbors to make sure they are going to be okay.*
Then they got the vehicles all into position....

Stripped off all the patio cushions and pillows off the furniture and moved the patio bistro set.
Moved all the plants in tight.....and brought in all the "yard art." So they don't become "PROJECTILES".....
We've stocked up on all the "hurricane supplies" that you might need.....believe me...we know what happens AFTER the storm.
Some of the hardest items to find are..bread, milk, ice and water of course.

Today I made a HUGE "Chicken and Sausage" Gumbo so that we could share it with my friend Nora and her husband......oh yeah and we have a lovely potato salad with that....and French Bread.

Where we used to live before in very South Louisiana.....I learned from the people there to "make a Gumbo and potato salad" for hurricanes.....and to "boil a dozen eggs."
Not sure what the "egg reasoning" was but they put boiled eggs in their Gumbo there so ....maybe that's it. HA!
A good friend of mine and I agreed tonight that "this is so surreal."

It feels like when you get on a roller KNOW it's going to be know there will be ups and downs and turns and wind in your hair.

And at some point you just want it to END.......that's how I feel right now. I just want it to be over......and we haven't gotten far into the ride yet. Ugh....

Our neighborhood seems to loose power very easily. We lost power a few weeks ago in fact for several hours in the night from Hurricane Dolly that just hit Florida.
Sooo.....we have our generator we bought right before Katrina ready to fire up.

So you all probably won't be hearing from me right away although I will will try to post something and let you all know how things are soon as I can.

Obviously when the power is have to run the most important things on the generator like the freezer and fridge, and FANS!!!

I'm is my family. I think we will sleep well tonight.....
For a little while at least.

To everyone that can read this in Louisiana and other affected States......
Hang in there!


The Rose Room said...

I just heard on our local news tonight what is coming your way. Thinking of you and praying. Rachaelxo

Sonja said... really did get things together! Awesome. I cooked biscuits of all sorts and spagettie (still need to learn the Gumbo way)today I will probably make chicken salad and just a big regular salad. Yummy.
Although these seem to be scarry times in our Nation at the same time exiting...Our Lord is pouring His spirit. Revealing to ALL He is Lord.
The wind and rain are picking up here but we are ready too.
I appreciate your blog!
I appreciate you.