Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Baby E's" Birthday and our "Artistic Adventure"

While the "Twins" were still here with us...we were invited to go to a "One Year Birthday Party" for the Cajun Princess....who I will call "Baby E" on here.
She is the daughter of our good friend Chantelle who just moved back here from Alabama.

So Miss Priss, KJ and myself went and it was fun although I was a tad bit crabby because I was in a TON of pain that day. Ugh.
It's hard to be artistic when you feel so bad but I was able to endure it and we celebrated and made some cool things.

Chantelle and Joyce

The "Cajun Princess" Baby E.......waiting to open her presents.

The "Party" was at the "Pottery Works" and we all were to choose a piece of ceramic green ware and to "paint it." Ugh......

Chantelle making a "work of art."

We gave "Baby E" some cute rain boots, a Tutu, a Tiara and some books for her birthday.

Chantelle and Baby E with the special "Hand print and Birthday Plate" that was made for E's one year birthday.
We just got our items we made back.....and here they are!!! HA!

Miss Priss made a "plaque" that depicts her and "Italian Boy." HA! HA!

It's a bit "Picassioish."

KJ made this very cool little soy dish with a snail in the middle of it.
Very cute!

Last but not least......
I'm not proud of this okay.
I tried to do a cool "Fleur Des Leis" in the middle of mine and the emblem turned out good but the green back ground was waaay TOO DARK.

I LOVE Art...all types of it but sadly, a "Painter".....I am not. HA!

However, I am lots of other great things! :~)

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Denise said...

Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder! Art........ an individual interpretation of what the eyes of the heart sees!

HA ! I just thought that up! I too am an artist.................

You go girl!