Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update, Update......Whew!!!

I will write more when I get the chance......
We just got power back on LAST we've been without it six days and I have to say that this family is doing good.
Many haven't been as fortunate.

It's been an AMAZING week and I have alot to tell you all...lots of great stories...and some not so hang tight and when I get a moment later on this evening probably...I will write more.

And I will try to get some photos on here as well....for now....we have a ton of clean up to continue to do and some major housework now that we have power. really don't realize how addicted we Americans are to electricity.

That is until you LOOOOOSE it. Ugh!

And we had a GENERATOR too...but it didn't power everything.
I will explain more later.

We've personally had up to FOUR people over here living with us through this it's a bit messy even though we have tried to keep up with the clutter and such.

Now it's time to vacuum and mop and wash and dry clothes....big things. HA!

The husband and boys are taking care of the outside things. And I'm working on the inside with Miss Priss.......although WE ALL have been working outside for DAYS trying to help our various neighbors and others....many who we don't even know...who have gotten hit much worse than we did.

This was a HUGE and TERRIBLE storm.....the worst hurricane/storm whatever to EVER hit Baton Rouge....and we are coming through it. Many still haven't power and some won't have it for upwards of 21 DAYS...YIKES!

THANKS SO much for your prayers and concern!

We love and APPRECIATE you all!!!


Valentine Hearts said...

Hi Joyce,

It is so good to see you back online. I've been checking back each day, you had me worried for a while there. I am so pleased that you are all ok. I hope everything hasn't been wrecked too much. Sending virtual hugs to you all, much love Jackie x

Sonja said...

So glad you now have electricity! Been checking your blog as soon as I got mine...I posted some pictures. Hopefully this other storm won't come...we will see huh?
The Lord is over the storm and all we can do is TRUST.
If you need anything call...we have a generator and man power, chain saws...
Look forward to hearing your stories and seeing pictures.

Sonja H.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! It is horrible to be without electricity. I am glad you are all safe and well.


The Urban Chic said...

Hi Joyce, thanks for coming by and letting me know, but I seen the reports and I for one know how bad you were hit. We were so lucky to be on the West side of the storm, but it looks like we may be hit with Ike's East side, so please pray for us and we will for you also---we just don't know where it's going to go right now. I'm so glad you are all safe. If there is anything we can do to help,let us know---we're not to far. My sister in Gramercy got hit pretty hard also, but they got their electricity back on Saturday. Her phone service is still out---she has Cox. If Ike heads our way, we will probably go there or to Bunkie. Isn't it wonderful how people banned together to clean up, but you sure don't see that on TV. It's still all about New Orleans and I had to turn my tv off. Hard workers are not newsworthy and that is sad. Love and Hugs, Pat