Saturday, November 8, 2008

Living in a small town.......

My FAVORITE Aunt lives in a sweet little, small town in Missouri.....

Her cousin Sara has a blog that I follow so that I can keep up with what's going on up there.

Last month their little town with a popluation of ummmm.....108......SWELLED to over 50 THOUSAND people for their annual "Pumpkin Festival" fun is that?

I have cousin Sara's permission to share her story and photos with you now so that you can enjoy them too!

Read on now from Sara's perspective..............

"Last weekend was the annual Pumpkin Festival in our teeny tiny town, population 108. They said about 50,000 people came this year, thanks to the great weather (last year it poured on Saturday). That’s just insane that we can fit that many people in the small, dusty village in the river bottoms. Dave drove the tractor in the parade again and the kids threw candy. We may be from the sticks but we can still wave like a princess!

It’s so cool that you can drive down the street and holler out at people you know. I love living in a small town.

The town gets so crowded that the sheriff’s deputies ride bikes.

This one is my brother-in-law’s father on his old tractor.

Dave and Ed discussing tractors.

We went pumpkin shopping early and it was a good thing, there wasn’t a lot left by afternoon. The farmers restock throughout the weekend.
They had some mighty big ones too. The kids really wanted one of these giant gourds but my rule is if you can’t carry it you can’t have it.

This was taken Saturday afternoon….see what I mean about selling a lot of pumpkins?

One of the big draws to the festival is the food.

Yummmmm…..kettle corn.

Pork steak from the Lions Club. Mom and Dad worked down there the whole weekend.
Pumpkin bread? Yum! Pumpkin trifle…….not so much.
Pumpkin seeds are great but we can make those at home. Look at all the pumpkin foods on the menu.
Pumpkin rolls…….I love them!

I wish the leaves had been turning more but it’s still a pretty setting down here.

My cousin's house looks very "cozy and peaceful" nestled there in the trees doesn't it?

I on the other hand...who lives in a town that is over 800 wishing for a little "home townyness" in my life...

If your a "big, city, living" person like me....... maybe you are wishing that too.


Teresa of Southern Touch Catering said...

Our town of Newnan in GA is small also, but only compared to Atlanta! I think our population is somewhere around 70-80 thousand now. We were only at 30 thousand just 10 short years back. I wish they had closed the gate behind us when we moved in. We do still have a small town feel in the downtown area. A very active court square, town parades, school rivalries and fall carnivals. And, fortunately we still have a lot of farms in the area to be only 20 miles south of Atlanta.

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I love the small towns now. Metairie just got too big. There is always something going on in little towns, and they just reopened the Grand Opera House after years of renovating it. Well I'm off to bed. Hope you have a wonderful week. Hugs, Pat

Patrice Palmer said...

I wish I lived in a friendly small town, close to a decent-sized city. Instead, I live in a desert city where I have to drive to get up to the mountains in order to take real autumn foliage photos of beautiful golden aspen.

Anonymous said...

I too have days I want to run away to asmall husband always says I would be bored to death. There isan attraction though.

Ms.Daisy said...

I grew up in a small-ish town and we loved our annual Halloween parade. It was a time when it was okay to be patriotic and we just loved the bands and fire trucks, tractors and old cars that passed by. You are right, Joyce, we NEED to teach our children the history of our country the world and our own personal histories, too.