Monday, December 22, 2008

Ready or it comes.

All over the world.......people are preparing for Christmas.

In Northern Ireland......
(Belfast children from the loyalist Suffolk estate join with their neighbours from the nationalist Lenadoon area in a joint Christmas service on the Stewartstown Road in Belfast.)

Somewhere in the world, Penguins and Dogs are getting dressing up.

Arlington National Cemetary is even decorated.

Now we wait just a few more days in anticipation of the one day that the world marks to "remember" a special birth.

We've prepared many gifts, we've prepared special foods, we've prepared our homes, we've prepared pretty cards and have mailed them off.

But I wonder to myself tonight.....

"Have we prepared our HEARTS?"

I'm working on that.
It really is THE most important preparation that needs to be done.

Psalm 85:10
"Love and faithfulness meet together;
righteousness and peace kiss each other."

How nice it will be to "Kiss the King" one day.


Steph said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.Living without the gluten-filled food of the holidays, we have concentrated on the family traditions and meaning of this holiday. It was a blessing in disguise. My son is a big fan of C.S. Lewis and Chesterton--shared the quotes with him. Happy Christmas-Wendy

Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, That was so beautifully said...thank you and A Very Merry christmas to you and your family!


Julie said...

Ready or not...Well, I wasn't ready, but it came anyway!

And once again we had a wonderful time, due to Kristen arriving after midnight on Christmas Eve.

We are hoping to do lunches and movies the next few days - if the weather cooperates that is. 3-6 inches due again today.