Thursday, December 11, 2008 Louisiana!

VERY EARLY this morning....."Miss Priss" pranced into our bedroom, ranting and carrying on and woke us up. You would have thought it was Christmas Morning.....she was driving us nuts.

Finally, she forced me out of my warm bed (my husband wouldn't get up)to go see this......

SNOWWWWWWWW right here in Baton Rouge! And LOTS of it.

Our house at 6:00am this morning.

Believe me when I tell you that this is a "Phenom" that doesn't happen in Louisiana very often at all.....

Luke and his Black Lab "Danny O'Shea".....and Luke's Black truck covered in the "White Stuff."

The view from the back end of our driveway.

Front of our house...I don't even have my Christmas garland on my door yet, only my wreath and few other things. Ugh.

"Miss Priss" making a "Snowman" she used mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for the eyes and part of a carrot for his nose. Creative child that she is.

Yes, the kids are out of school.....we are having a "SNOW DAY!!!"
I am already making us a nice warm "Soup" to eat later.
It's only 8:08am....what am I crazy?

The power is flickering off and on and my computer is acting funny.
That snow really is wet and heavy and falling like mad.

We have firewood ready......but we may need that "hurricane generator" if all else fails.

Odd to think that in September we were fighting that hurricane 3 months later....we have a lovely "Snow." What is going on?

All I DO know is.....according to my very excited children....
"It's going to be a HAPPY CHRISTMAS" after all...:~)

I'm going BACK to bed. HA! Seriously.

Have a wonderful day, where ever you may be. Snow or no snow.



Valentine Hearts said...

Wow, you lucky things!!! It looks so beautiful!! When I collect the kids from school I will show them your pictures, they will be so jealous. How fantastic. xx

Denise said...

Beautiful !!!! just beautiful ! I love snow and we get very little here in Southern Oklahoma..... Back in the good old days we got lots of snow........ Not anymore.......They say we are headed to the dust bowl days again..........!!!!!! YUCK !!! I will have to move from this great state if that happens....... Texas dust does not agree with my asthma !

Enjoy that white blanket and send some my way !

Steph said...

Yeah! What a gift!

Sonja said...

Sure was something! Slowly melting away but we will never forget it huh?
Might be a message we need to hold on to...for what is ahead.


The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I only stayed up a little while to see it---just had my epeduram and didn't want to get sick, but my neighbor said I should have stayed out longer because there was more to see. Oh I remember in 2004 when it snowed in Metairie and we all played in it. Wish that could happen again this year---I can dream! Luv Ya, Pat

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful snow. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It snowed at our house once in the 19 years we've lived here. It was beautiful coming down but melted almost immediately.