Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year.. .New Directions For Many

With every New Year comes an opportunity to head into "New Directions"....have you pondered what yours may be this year?

I have. I always do.
But it doesn't mean that just because I laid out some "thoughts and plans" like well ridden train tracks......that I will go there. That I will accomplish what I want to accomplish.
Where ever "there" is and so on and so forth.

We all have dreams and visions.......thoughts and plans.
I for one am a dreamer and a visionary......I plan and I think things out.
I don't "make it happen"....instead I "wait" for it.

I could and WOULD get myself into so much trouble if I did it the other way because my nature WANTS to "make it happen"......believe me.
I know "me."

Sometimes these things come, and even "on time" and I rejoice.
But sometimes they don't come on time....and they don't come at all.

So I continue to "wait" and not give up on those other things...while I throw myself into whatever DOES come my way.

And I've also learned not to get myself so worked up about those things that fail or fall apart like I used to when I was younger.

Some things that we "thought" were "meant to be" ....possibly just aren't "meant to be."

We don't always have choices in what "life" hands to us.
Sometimes we do.

We DO however have "destinies."

I'm not talking "Pre-destination" in a theological sense.......

What I am saying is that many of us have a "make up" inside of us.

"Desires, dislikes, burdens, availability, etc."
Those are just a few things that help determine what we are destined for..."life wise."

We ourselves can determine many things in our lives....many goals.......many visions.
We also can embrace these things or.....we can run from them.

I've done all of the above at one point or another in my life.

But for the most part.......
I contend.
I'm a "contender"....
I don't know why forsure.
I might know why.
But this I do's not always easy and it can get you into a a lot of trouble and bring heartache even.
It even brings with it.....isolation and such.

But for me.....that's the best I can do.
" I have to do what I have been formed to do."

Another few valuable things to remember in life is that it's always a good thing to be "open and flexible"..........

That part becomes harder and harder once one starts getting older.

Do what you can now, while you still can do it.
Bodies fail and fall fades, disappointments can become a struggle for many due to circumstances.

Take chances now.
(Within reason of course...HA!)
None of us knows what "tomorrow" may bring.

Just some random thoughts on this SECOND day of the New Year...


Valentine Hearts said...

I love that...take chances now!! I often just sit and wait for things but this year I am going to try harder. I've already asked about horse riding lessons...I'm going to try and do a couple of things that have been coming into my head the last year...I am going to make an effort! xx

Joyce said...

That is those lessons it sound really fun. Although the last time I rode a horse...was in Colorado and it wasn't pretty afterwards. HA!

Susie Harris said...

Happy New Year my friend! My daughter and I were just talking about New York today and I thought of you. Hope your new year was great!

SueLovesCherries said...

Hi Joyce, I just found your blog through Isabella's Closet. I just started my first blog today called (coincidentally) "My Secret Garden". Like you, I'm a Christian and a gardener - up here in Massachusetts! See you around!

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I plan on doing just that and if it happens, great, if not, that's okay also.

Will be praying very hard for the Lowe family. What a terrible tragedy for a family to go through. Prayers, love, and Hugs, Pat

Denise said...

Love the way you think! Yeap, take a chance now but use wisdom... I am going to start my book.. I have been encouraged by several here to put my writings or devotions in book and I think I will do that..... I have studied myself the last few weeks and I am letting go of some things I thought I wanted........ NOPE....not going to do that.... Quit the hand quilting, and pick up the knitting that I so love.... Use my time better and accomplish what I want! BUT just take life as it rolls over me.... breath deeply and laugh a lot..... Life is too serious all by itself... no need to make it worse..........

Steph said...

Happy New Year to you! Thank you for connecting with me this past year!

Anonymous said...

Interesting random thoughts.
Hope your new year is off to a good start.

Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, good post! Many times we intend to do this or that and something comes up and we put it off and it never gets done! I hope you accomplish all you want to do in 2009 (and more!)