Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentines Day Tea with "Tea Ladies"

This past Saturday my special "Tea Friends" all came together for a special Valentine's Day Tea.

hosted this Tea party.
She had just gotten back in town the night before from being over in Mississippi taken care of her elderly Mother too so I know she was tired from the trip but she still persevered in doing this tea for all of us.
There were wee little gifts even. I brought everyone a "Godiva" candy bar.
Here we have the "Tea Barroness" Marsha, helping to pour tea. Diane is beside her.
Tricia and myself on the other side of the table.

"Tomato sandwhiches on toast with bacon crumbs, Salmon salad. Both of these were so delicious!

This however was my FAVORITE! This was a "puff pastry with diced chicken and spices in a sauce." It was SO good.
Marsha brought the scones..AND homemade lemon curd..because she makes the best scones and lemon curd in the world of course.
For dessert there were little "key lime cheescakes" in pastry.
Before we were done with our tea, Tricia presented us all with this book.
"The Gentle Art of Hospitality" by Alda Ellis

I have a ton of Tea books but I didn't have this one in my collection and it is very nice. I highly recommend it if you are in the market for a book like this.

The day was lovely outside....78 degrees in fact. So after our Tea Time we went out onto Tricia's patio for a bit to chat and we took these photos to seal the moments we had shared together.
Marsha, Joyce in back, Diane and Tricia seated.

Joyce, Marsha, Diane, Tricia.When we were done outside we came in a visited a bit more with Tricia's younger daughter.

Now, this little girl I LOVED and wanted to bring her home for my middle son! HA!
Listen to this story...
For graduation last year.....she took all her money and bought....CHINA!
She brought it out (at our request) and showed us and it was grand.

Then we toured her bedroom.....because it's decorated as "Gone With The WIND!"
Of all things. I had never seen anything like it before.
Her Mama (Tricia) had even made her the "Green Curtains with the Gold Fringe" like Scarlett's curtains at Tara that she had Mammy make into a dress for her before she met Rhett.
I came right home and talked to Caleb about this sweet girl right away. I ad told her he has a "Big Truck" but she told me she wasn't looking for a new boyfriend. She has just broken up with someone.
Hummm...I say we can possibly work on that. HA!
Tricia....if your reading this...I am thinking...."Tea Matchmaking."
Here's my son. What do you think.....? That's the big truck in the snowy background. HA! HA!
My son would have a FIT if he knew I put this on the internet. HA!

What a GREAT day. With great friends.
I love that.


Denise said...

Nothing to make a lady feel like a LADY is a tea party such as you had...... What a wonderful bunch of ladies and such a beautiful table..... OMG..... can I come next time? AND if us Mom's do not help our sons then heaven knows who they will marry! hahahhahah

Have a blessed week

Marsha said...

I love you and your writing is so much fun to "hear" (read) about this day together, and I was there. Y'all, every thing Joyce said is so true, beautiful table, wonderful food, gracious heart-felt conversation. I've always loved Tricia and her daughter. Yes, isn't the Scarlett room exquisite.
We do have such good tea times.

My Vintage Studio said...

You had a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing your photos. Hugs, Sharon

Mary said...


I just came over from Denise's blog and am glad I did. I see you had a lot of fun at your tea party.

I read that you are a writer. I am also. What genre do you write and are you published?

Take care and enjoy your week. Love the big truck.


Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, I am so jealous! I love tea parties and scones and lemon curd and more tea and...well, I think I will have a tea party for my gal pals too! HA. The table was beautiful. Thanks for all the pictures you took to share with us.


IsabellasCloset said...

Joyce, Oh how I enjoy a good tea party.. the last one I had was with Bella & Sam (grandkids) we had such fun... I got out all the good stuff for them to enjoy.
Looks like you all had a lovely time. What a beautiful table!
Blessings ~Mary~
PS my thoughts & prayers are with precious baby Aaron today.

Teresa @ Southern Touch Catering said...

It looks like you all had such a great time. The food sounds so good too. I've been out a few days and had fun catching up on your blog. What a nice treat that you got to meet one of your fellow bloggers. I too would love to meet you one day. You have a great heart and are so caring of others, I know I would be blessed. Thank you for always caring to ask about mom. She is not getting any better and we know her time with us is short. But every day I get to see her is a good one for me. It was so nice to get to see pictures of Aaron. He's a true gift from God. How's your sister?
Lot's of Love,

Steph said...

Friendship is the a most special kind of love, and I think this was a beautiful way to celebrate!

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, coming here is like reading an old journal from yester years. Wish I had a talent like yours.
You all look like a joyful day was well spent.
Your advice was well taken. Thanks.
Hope the rest of the week is great. Love and Hugs, Pat

La Tea Dah said...

Joyce, I love this post! What a beautiful tea party --- great friends --- and the matchmaking? You go girl! My sons would be totally mortified if I said what you did, but hey, a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do!!!!! LOL!

Thanks for visiting my blog today and for your nice comment. Prayers for little Aaron. What a precious little guy.