Monday, March 16, 2009

A Few Wee Bits and Bobs......

Today we are into our third day of rain.
But this rain has been nice to have. It's the sort of rain to where you just want to stay inside and read a book....or sleep. Or to "make a soup."
Which I did the other day....a delicious homemade "Chicken and rice with vegetables soup." My family devoured it.
I like rains like this one though and they usually don't happen here often....or for long amounts of days like this one has lasted.

We've needed this to happen though because believe it or not.....Louisiana has been very dry.And it is not our usual pelting, crazy, thunder and lightening rains with whipping winds, such as we often times receive here.

This is what I like to call......."a kind rain."

Right after Christmas my Mother sent me a gift from my little Nieces.
Notice the little Thatched Irish "cottage" on the corner table.

I was so excited when I received it in the mail...but what my Mother didn't know.....was that I already own the OTHER PIECES of this Lennox collection. The Teapot and the Sugar and Creamer!!!
I just didn't have this piece which is a Music box.

She didn't even know that I collected these things so she was so happy when I called her to tell here that I had been wanting it but never had bought it.
My Mother lives 18 hours away from me and sadly only visited us one time here in Louisiana.
So of course she doesn't realize what I own and don't own and I have never told her about this collection I had started 6 years ago when we moved back to Baton Rouge.

I was overjoyed by her gift to me. Technically it was from my Nieces...but we all know that that "Grandma" had bought this for Auntie Joyce. HA!
You see......this shows us once again....."that WISHES do really come true!"

I bought this little dish while I was at a little shop in Co. Antrim, No. Ireland as a little reminder to help me keep the perspective of how the gentle rains of Ireland were.
I thought it was sweet and fitting at the time.

And I find it sweet and fitting even now regarding the soft rains we have been experiencing the past few days here in my part of Louisiana.

However it won't always be like this here where I am.

But I know in my heart that the rains in Ireland WILL still be this kind of lovely, just as they were when I was there....and they will still be making that Island very GREEN


Ms.Daisy said...

~Oh Joyce, that soup looks wonderful! Is there anything more comforting than homemade soup on a soggy, wet day? It has been raining here off and on for two days, but ours is a COLD, soggy, wet rain!
I just love the Lennox music box! I've only seen your set in pictures but I'm sure it is more lovely in person!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Joyce,

I am honored that you attended my gala opening! Ginger ale is just fine; we have other refreshments as well! You musn't take too much champagne if you are not used to it! Did you read what happened to Miss Moussie from The Garden of the Dutchess? She had a little hangover! You must visit her little blog world. Miss Moussie and Gustave are a pair of real rabblerousers!

Beautiful blog...your colors of green and purple are magnificent and the soup is luscious looking. I shall try it! Blessings, Anita

All My Blessings said...

Hi Joyce, I love all things about the irish. The countryside is beautiful, the people are nice and they are such singers, drinkers and very polite. I talked to my mother in AL today and she said it was raining there too. Today was beautiful and warm, more of the same tomorrow, so I'm outside fertilzing, raking and pulling up whatever don't belong....I love it. Have a great St. Patricks Day, Kae