Friday, April 3, 2009

My Life.......

I WISH I had time to "ponder" sit and to smell them and dream.
But I don't.

Because my life is crazy. :~)
Don't get me wrong I love it...things could always be so much worse and I realize that part.

I have always seemed to like "living on the edge" however it does get tiresome at certain times.
Like the past 6 weeks. Maybe it's even been longer? I'm just so used to living in the crazy that I can't even remember when it all started. HA!
I just sort of want it all to end and get back to normal......yet I don't think I an remember normal any longer.

So many of you have prayed for my family and we deeply appreciate that.
Many of you have contacted me personally through this time to ask about about how my Step Father and my little baby, nephew Aaron are doing.....and I thank you so much for caring!

Problem many things have changed from day to day with my family in Iowa so I have sort of refrained from saying too much on here for various reasons.....but today I will give you all an update.......

Are ya'll ready for this? HA!

~Baby Aaron:

I haven't any new photos of Aaron.....and this has made me very unhappy.
My family hasn't sent me any even when I request them. My sister did take a photo of him and sent it to me in the mail but it was way too dark to put on here......

So I will use this one for now.
I am going to go up there and take my OWN photos of the child to show you all. HA!

Aaron is now nearly 6 pounds. He is still in the "N.I.C.U." in Omaha Ne.
He has struggled to live, and one day last month he nearly didn't survive. He has had a "shunt" put into his head to drain fluid off of his brain.

After his surgery....he "crashed" and there were four nurses "working on him" in front of my sister who is Aaron's Mama. They were "bagging" him and trying to get him back on track to life and to breathing. My other sister Jenny had left the building to go home thinking he was okay and was called back before she got in her car.
It was a horrible experience for my two sisters who were there with him....especially for Jerri his Mother. Aaron's daddy was at work at this point and wasn't there but came right after this happened, so it was very traumatic event for the entire family.

So far so good now.....he does still have a few problems and there are possibly problems with his eyes due to the brain hemorrhaging he has experienced so he will have to have some eye surgery later.

Overall....he is a fighter and hasn't given up. And we are praying he will be a LEADER in life just as aptly as the "Biblical character" he was named after.

~My Stepfather:
Glenn, my Stepfather has been diagnosed with "Pancreatic Cancer" now. But my family hasn't told him. I know that sounds weird.....but he is 82 years old....has the aortic aneurysm and other health issues and we don't want him to just "give up and die" yet. We are still trying to find out more regarding this cancer situation......which the Dr.'s ARE NOT going to treat even.

And we understand that part really.
But we don't want him in a lot of pain and we are trying to determine how much time he has left. They won't biopsy him.....they are strictly going off of blood level information and some other tests. So we don't have much to work with.
I need to see him now.
I am leaving next week to go home to Iowa to see him and to make sure he's ready for heaven......and to tell him "Goodbye" although he won't know that part.
I will.
So I need to go home.

Other events that have happened........

My teenage niece "KJ" had a wreck in February.

I am going to be gut honest now...because I feel I need to be and it may help someone else who is dealing with this.
My niece flipped her car and hit a major power pole.
It was icy out.

But that isn't why the accident happened. Her blood alcohol levels were very high.
If you know what I mean.

My poor sister and brother in law have been dealing with rebellion in my niece, who is the CUTEST thing you ever did see for about a year now. We've even had her down here to try to help her last summer.

We have prayed for her, we have cried over her. We have ALL talked to her until we are blue in the face....and she still continues down this path. Her very life is at risk.....let alone her soul. She is very bent on "self destruction" and she still doesn't see it happening.
So I need to go home.(my nephew Kyle. "KJ's" twin brother who worked for the wrecker company hanging out the window of the truck.)

A week after KJ's and my husband's Great nephew was home from the College he attends in upper Iowa.

There was a snowstorm that evening.....he was coming home from being out to eat in town with his girlfriend.
They are good kids and were being good, but the weather caused him to overshoot his lane at an "on ramp" and he skid into the path of the semi. He sustained alot of bodily damage. Separated shoulders.....punctured lungs....a brain concussion.....and some other issues.
It was a serious accident. And our hearts were sad to hear all this news.
But we are glad he has lived through this. He was a Freshman in College and going to school on a "Football scholarship" however he won't be allowed to play football any longer because of the head injury. He's out of school for now recouping.
So I need to go home.

I miss my family....I want to hold them.
Just even be there to help support them. I've done all I can from afar. Now it's time to be there in body. Even though the time will be short.

We will head North next week so please pray that all goes well for us on the journey.

It's a long way.......18 hours. Ugh.
But it's going to be fact I am ready for this.

Miss Priss and Joshua

Oh, and I'm taking these people with me.

And that short one in the photo drives me crazy on a regular basis as it is.

We are six weeks out from Graduation........GOD give me grace and mercy.

That tall one....he's going to be our "protector" for the trip.
He doesn't give me any trouble.


Donna said...

I was just "passing through" and was compelled to stop and read!lolo....My Lord Sweetie! I'll be praying for you all!! Be safe on you journey home...hughugs

Southern Touch Catering said...

Oh, Joyce. What can I do but pray for you. Stop and pray right now. God's grace and mercy be with your entire family. With your sister and her son Aaron, your niece and her drinking, lifestyle and especially salvation. May God build a hedge of protection around her and block all temptations that satan throws her way. I pray that God's healing touch come to your nephew and friend and that God grant you speed and safety on your way and grace sufficient enough for you to hold it together for the others and for you in all your agonies and hurts. Blessing to all Joyce. Amen, amen & amen.

Denise said...

Girl friend..... you have my prayers....... Life gets a bit hectic sometimes.... I am still praying for Aaron and your FIL..... I have a friend that I am spending time with each day that has pancreatic Cancer.. She has fought a good fight for 4 years.. but I feel that she will see the Fathers face in a few days...... I will pray for your FIL that he is ready to meet the Father God and that he goes without much pain.....

All My Blessings said...

Well my goodness, I'd say you've had a lot to deal with over time. I know what that crazy life is like and for so long I didn't know which I'd turn. Until, that is, I finally took control and made my life spot spinning and decided to go slower(at my own pace)

As far as your niece, well whatever your family do, DO NOT TELL HER WHAT TO DO!!! We're having trouble with our 16yr old daughter. When she doesn't like the answer she gets and threatens to do this or that, I simply explain to her that I don't have the power to force her to do anything but that she does not have my blessing. I also stay right on her heals until she gets what she is RESPONSIBLE FOR (clean room,grades and homework,animals fed etc.....she WILL do then I offer to help her. Good Luck.

I pray your families health gets better........Kae

Ms.Daisy said...

My heart hurts for you and your family just reading about everything "crazy" that has happened. My prayers are with you on your journey back home so you can help and sustain your sisters, step-father and the rest of your family. God Bless and keep you.


Sara said...

Yes you all have really been through a lot the last few months. I'm sure Jenny will be glad that the calvary is arriving!Tell everyone we said hi and we miss them. I can't wait to see photos of everyone. I'll be praying for a safe trip for you guys!

IsabellasCloset said...

I just had a feeling something was wrong with you. I've not visited many blogs lately but just had to come see you...
My heart is so heavy for you. I'm in tears at all the sadness around you. Yes my sweet friend you really do need to go home.
Please know you are in my thoughts & prayers these very difficult days.
May God bless & watch over you..
Hugs and much love ~Mary~

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Thank you for sharing your heart, God must need you at home in body as well as in spirit for Him to lay this need to go home so heavy on your heart!! There is just something about being able to touch someone that letters, e-mails and phone calls can not do.
I have started a written prayer journal especially for my blogging friends, It is a personal journal that only God and I see and I would like to add these request to it and also to pray that God will go with you and give you and yours protection and That He will lead and guide you in all that you are suppose to do! Please keep us posted, we care, and so does God!!
Thank you for stopping by and visiting and for your sweet words .

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Joyce. Sorry I haven't by to visit. Thank you for visiting my blog...maybe we will meet sometime in the future. I hope your trip is a pleasant and safe one! We are heading south to Gulf Shores in May. We are SO looking forward to getting away. 21 months is our plan to move to that area. YEAH!
Sending you a hug, Sharon