Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Day Is Today???

I'm lost day and time wise and I am getting nothing DONE at all today it seems.
I know that ya'll never have days like this. HA!
So I thought I would at LEAST do this update and fill you all in. ~Miss Priss getting ready for Graduation~

It's been crazy the past week plus at our house......but it's all good.
~Miss Priss in her Graduation dress~
~Ready to leave with friends for the rehearsal practice!~

We did get this event over and done with......and I'm SO glad. HA!Luke, Kolin (Caleb's girlfriend) and Caleb, waiting on the little sister to come outside after graduation.
Finally here she is......"ALL SMILES" too.

She got her FAVORITE flowers from the Mama and Daddy....
Don, Ariel, and Joyce....we ARE the "proud parents."
~"The Brothers and Kolin~
Big brother Gabe, is in Miami for so he missed the graduation....we may forgive him at some point. :~)

Miss Priss and Me
Going out to eat with the family afterwards.

~Ariel picked out my outfit for me that I bought special for her graduation...she's into the "African Motif" right now....can you tell??

We always go to "Boutin's Cajun Restaurant" after graduations for our kids....I think that started when we had family down from Iowa for Gabe's graduation and they wanted Cajun food and live music.

We've just maintained this tradition as a family ever since we went for the first graduation...the food is great and the staff is excellent as well. So it works out wonderfully.

Our crazy family.....who we love dearly.
Notice Luke.
I think he's "over the edge," someone please take the butter knife from him.

The person on the "right" was missing in action too at Ariel's graduation...... However we DO forgive him because he's been in AFRICA doing missions work for the past 10 days.
He will be back tomorrow and Miss Priss cannot hardly wait.

Miss Priss is GLAD this season is over in her life!! So are we frankly!

She is now onto NEW adventures and next week........SHE LEAVES for Swaziland and Mozambique for 11 days!WHOOOOOHOOOO.......
But for now....she's waiting on that Joshua to get home.

He's on a plane heading across the ocean right now.....she will see him in about 20 hours.

Can I tell you.....she's very anxious right now!
It's been a long and quiet 10 days at this house. Sort never really is "calm" here at the Mahan house.

If you know us.... you know what I mean.

We don't have a calm family AT all...and never have.
I think that comes from the Dad's side. HA!

This does make life fun for us. And we don't mind that part at all....we don't like to be bored.
But for now.....this party is over.


Ms.Daisy said...

Wow Joyce! What a great time you have with all of your family! It must be great fun to be with all of you when you are together...I think I'd fit right in! Ha!
The pictures of Miss Priss kissing her Dad is very precious and sweet. You all will treasure these pictures and moments in the future.Congratulations to Ariel on her graduation and much good luck on her upcoming venture in Africa!
Wow again! Never a dull moment for you guys! LOL!


Southern Touch Catering said...

Congratulations to Ariel & mom & dad for getting through it all. May God's blessings follow her every where she ventures. And may he be with mom as she flies the coop.


Charlotte said...

Wonderful photos. Aren't graduations fun?
Guess what? You are one of the winners of my three book giveaway. However, you forgot to leave your email address so I could email you to get your address. I need to hear from you right away or I will need to chose someone else.
Have a great day. I'll be looking for your information.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Joyce,
What a wonderful family you have! Your Miss Priss is beautiful and congratulations to her on her graduation! Have a wonderful weekend.


Julie said...

Hi, Joyce,

I had to laugh, as your photo of the graduation ceremony could almost have been a duplicate of my niece Kelsey's graduation on Sunday! I guess they look the same no matter where you are. Kelsey was a valedictorian so we are very proud. Will post pix one of these days.

Congratuations to Miss Priss. You have a lovely family, Joyce, and you are the lovliest of all!