Thursday, June 18, 2009

Red Velvet Cake

Ugh....I could just BEAT that new Fiance of Ariel's..."Mr. Joshua."

He brought over a "Red Velvet Cake" last night.
Now honestly....I've been VERY good at trying to get into shape for that lovely"Mother Of The Bride" dress I just bought.But tonight....that thing on the counter was "calling my name" like a Phantam in the dark.....and it was pretty much saying....
"eat me."

So I did. Just Midnight.

Now I'm mad.

What is it about Red Velvet Cake that is so AWESOME" I mean is it just me or what??? I just love that cake.

It's like a RED piece of "Heaven on Earth".....with Cream Cheese Frosting.
I downed it with some homemade Sweet Tea...I think it would have been even better with a Hot Cup of Tea.

But it's all water under the bridge now. Or...should I say...."FAT on the hips."

Ummm...I need to RUN to bed now before I am forced to eat another piece.
Darn that Joshua.
What in the WORLD was that boy thinking???


Ms.Daisy said...

Oh my, Joyce, that is so hard to resist. My friend used to make it with chocolate icing! Oh WOW! Luckily she only made it like twice a year HA! so my hips didn't suffer TOO much!
Have a great day!


Denise said...

Oh I have missed coming here! I have been gone toooooooooo long.. That cake made me want to jump up and eat something! I am trying so hard to loose weight and thought that summer would help but food just tastes so much better when cooked outside! OH Well........... I bet that mother of the brides dress will look just great!

Our Red House said...

That cake looks amazing. How do you make it? I haven't heard of red velvet cake before.


Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Joyce,
I was laughing all the while reading this, because I cannot tell you how many times I have done the same thing. Eat it and then feel bad because I did.LOl I know your dress is going to fit perfectly! I so enjoyed this post.

Denise said...

Hey girl........ thanks for the sweet comment on my new Samaritan Women...... No I did not do that, there is a very talented lady named Edie at She will do a blog for you and takes donations.... She is very good and she created me something just as I wanted....... I think it reflects the theme of my blog....... AND make sure and go over to my other blog Life at My House and that is where I post the fun things and pictures........ I am keeping Samaritan Women for devotionals only! Soooooo go over and follow the other blog... or you will miss something!

Good to see your face in my email this morning..... Hope you are having a blessed summer......

Southern Touch Catering said...

Oh, my mouth is watering just now & I've got left over wedding cake from this weekend's catering in the fridge!! Out of the way everybody here I come!!!!