Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Grandmother's China ....Pt.#1

One day in the Spring I was preparing for a special "Tea" I was going to host for a Missionary from China that was in visiting a good friend of mine.

I was digging in my China Cabinet searching for which china setting I should use.

Upon seeing some of my "Grandma Ayres's" china that I had in there. Which I rarely use, for fear of BREAKING them. These dishes are so precious to me.

Somewhere in my decision making...I came to the conclusion that "life is short" and I probably remembered reading one of those random e-mails I received that spoke about saving up things.

And then you die and people you love and left behind FIND your precious "wrapped up under ware from France that you bought on a trip and were 'saving' for some special occasion" and other such things along that line.
You know what I mean. Because you get the e-mails too.

Honestly, they make you think....for about 5 minutes.
I am sure you yourselves are "saving" things for later.

Really though someone PLEASE tell me...."WHEN" is later???

"Why hoard up all these pretty things that are so precious to me when I can use them to BLESS other's along the way?" I began to think to myself.....
So then it began....and I got on a "roll."

I pulled out what I had readily stored in my China cabinet just for "display" and then proceeded to climb up on a chair and dig down more pieces that I had stored in my upper kitchen cabinets. They were still carefully wrapped in the newspaper I had transported them back to Baton Rouge in.

It felt good unwrapping them. Like seeing an old friend actually. Because when I first was given the dishes I religiously used the teacups and saucers to drink tea out of.

Then the imaginable happened and I broke a saucer one day...just droped it by accident and it scared me. Because "What IF" I broke another piece, then another??

That is when I put it all away....and only displayed parts of it in my safe China cabinet.

We do that sometimes when things scare puts FEAR into us and then we basically "close up shop."That my friends isn't always the BEST thing to do. But it makes us feel safe doesn't it?
However it isn't REAL safely now is it??

Next time.....I will write more on this subject....and tell you more about the dishes that were my Grandmothers. They are beautiful.
And probably some of the only "nice things" she ever owned in her entire life.

What an HONOR it is for me to possess these simple yet elegant dishes.
"Miss Priss"...who was sitting at the table with me while I was drinking a cup of tea one day out of one of my Grandma's china teacups.

She will inherit all these dishes one day...but will she understand how "valuable" they are?? No I don't think she will.
Mainly because she doesn't have the "connection" with the dishes like I do. Sadly, she never met her Great Grandmother.

I can't tell you all of this story, nor the history of these dishes in this one sitting...
I will write more next I want to visit with you again.


Denise said...

I have many of such items, and I do not have a daughter! My son has no idea of things and he could care less. He is not married YET and he is 40 soon! Sooooooooo out with the china and me and my sweet DH will enjoy it until it ends up at the Salvation Army thrift store! How ironic is life!

Love your china girl , love it!

Ms.Daisy said...

Joyce, I had been given a beautiful set of Durnad water glasses (all sizes and types) with a matching pitcher which I carefully wrapped up and put away for years! I started to use it about 15 years ago (it is almost 50 years old next year!) and I just love the heavy feel of them and the beautiful etchings on them. My daughters may or may not want them but I am using them as much as I want to right now! You go girl! Let's use those things that are prescious to us and may not hold the same memories to others that they do for us!

Have missed you,

Ms.Daisy said...


Pear tree cottage! said...

Joyce Hello! it is so nice to be visiting you for the very first time and I cannot beleive I visit you with such an interesting blog post as the first I read......I too have so much beautiful and treasured pieces from my family who are now passed away and I had kept them tucked away for I know not when so I took a deep breath and then last year and just two weeks ago I help a high tea for over 140 ladies and it was wonderful to see them all treasure their moment with my pieces and in doing so we have raised over the two years events $10,000.00 dollars for the starlight childrens charity to help make a very ill childs wish come grandmother would be longer does her china sit waiting to be taken to a thrift store by another when I am gone.

Hope you do not mind me sharing that with you......Lee-ann from Australia

Southern Touch Catering said...

Sweet & sentimental all at the same time. The china is so beautiful. I can't wait to hear more.

Bernideen said...

What a fun post - loved seeing your goodies!

Steph said...

It is clear that you really love and cherish these special dishes!

Ginger said...

I was "blog hopping," as I am wont to do, and came across your blog. China, tea, etc. Caught my eye. Started reading. Baton Rouge. Hey! I live right next to Baton Rouge. Kept reading and came to a picture of the blog's author and I said, "Hey! That looks like...." :::scroll back up to the top::: Joyce! LOL! See what you can find when you blog hop! An old friend from right "next door!" Love your blog. I plan to visit often. (Hopefully I can reschedule my tea and you can come.)

Denise said...

Hey girl....... Thanks for coming by, seems that summer time is taking much of my time but wanted to stop and say hello. No that is not a song on my post, it is something that I wrote........ I used to dance in church my self, would move to the back and "cut a rug". I miss those days. We do not get to church very often anymore but hope to find something soon........ I miss that fellowship!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer.........