Monday, October 26, 2009


Dear LORD!
Do we ever have some kind of fever going on in our family right now!!!

I just don't know what to do.
Because I'm already tired, and have been trying to recouperate.

And now this hit us tonight......

Mr. Caleb Mahan off and proposes to his girlfriend Kolin......

I sort of blame that Joshua and Ariel for all this spreading around of that"Wedding Fever".....don't ya'll agree??
Caleb and Joshua


My Vintage Studio said...

Fever?!!! What the heck is in the water down there? lol

Well, at least for this wedding you can sit back and watch for the most part.

The weather was wonderful here today but starting tonight rain through Friday night. I guess I will be getting my house clean this week.

Hope you have a great week. Hugs, Sharon

The Urban Chic said...

Hi Joyce, Well send that fever to Washington, Vancouver to be exact. The wedding pictures are beautiful and Mrs (Miss) Priss looks gorgeous.
I will pray for little Aaron and hope that he gets over the flu soon. Sorry I haven't been in touch, but things are rough right now, but God is holding me up so I don't hit the ground again.
You don't need money to take a nice vacation after the wedding. Plan a night when the boys are gone and just decorate as though you were on a cruise.
I don't know what your weather is like, but it has been raining since yesterday and it's turning cool. Love and hugs, Pat

Southern Touch Catering said...

Well, now you know how I FEEL!!!! LOL!!! WEll at least with this one, you won't have nearly as much to do.

Ms.Daisy said...

Wow Joyce! That Weddin' Fever is so going around down there! Congratulations to the "new" happy friend who,when her son got married, said,"All I have to do for this wedding is show up, shut up and wear beige!" She was pretty funny! ;-)
What is the status on Aaron? Is he better? Prayers are with him.


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Joyce! You have got to be kidding....hehe. Wonder if grandbabes will come in the same fashion...hang in there!

Julie said...

At least, you don't have to pay for this one - just show up, LOL!

I do hope you don't have H1N1.