Monday, December 21, 2009

~We are OFF to NYC~

Wishing you all a VERY Happy and MERRY Christmas.....
We leave for New Orleans at 4:15am....which means I need to be up for 3'ish.

WHO booked this flight so early?????

Hummm....well I guess I wasn't thinking so straight in July when the trip was booked that was about the very same time my daughter came home from her trip to Africa and became engaged that very day!!!

So I best get to bed now I am SO not an early morning person. I'd do better to just stay up actually but then I would be a bear all day and exhausted.

See you soon.......ya'll be BLESSED!


The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, just in case you read your posts before you leave, I pray you have a safe and wonderful time in NYC. Donnie will be here about the time you will be leaving. I hope he got some rest on the train, because he will have to drive for 2 hours to get here, so I am waiting up like a Mother Hen. Many Blessings for Christmas. Until you return, Love, Hugs, and Blessings for a Very Merry Christmas. Pat

Southern Touch Catering said...

Joyce- Merry CHRIST masS! bE SAFE- HAVE FUN!

Valentine Hearts said...

Hi Joyce, wishing you and your family a belated Merry Christmas and hoping you have a fantastic New Year.
Much Love Jackie x