Friday, January 22, 2010

"Ouch"...Not complaining though.

This morning after experiencing an odd climatic pain for about three weeks now.
My good friend Diane suggested to me strongly that I "probably" should call my Doctor.

I don't run to the Doctor, and besides...I see him in two more weeks for my IV treatment that I take on a monthly basis. I see him every other month and this is my time to see him.

However, I thought she might be right, especially since I am in a "Clinical Drug Study" and they warn me all the time to contact them I experience any pain, or changes or problems in my body.

Od course they wanted me THIS one hour in fact.

Once there...I met with my Doctor. Doctor is from Central America, he's very kind, and an extremely humble man. I love him and I think he's brilliant. But occasionally he phrases things a bit differently than I do.

Such was the case today when one of his very opening statements was after squeezing around in the pain area, was...
"You need to go on a diet."

Something every woman who is on the verge of menopause wants to hear.

So I embarrassingly replied......."Oh I know."

All the while thinking to myself....
"Thank you very much Doctor, but I don't think your going to win the Nobel Prize for Medicine with that diagnosis."

And the...

"I just paid a $25.00 co-pay for you to tell me I need to go on a DIET??"

Then right after I said the "Oh I know" part I think he had an "oops I said that wrong" moment. Because then with lightening speed he re-worded things a bit by saying..."no, no, a SPECIAL diet, smaller fried foods, and no proteins."Ahhhh.

Right, now I understood.

He then started to explain the gall bladder and drew me a picture on some paper of what happens when you have a gall stone, blah, blah, blah. GROSS!

See he wasn't actually saying I was fat after all....what he WAS saying was that I do need to calm down the gall bladder a bit by "CHANGING my dietary habits." Although I do know I need to drop a few pounds as well and all this "special diet" will help.

Later of course when I came home to look all this up on my trusty computer, like any red blooded woman would.

I found out something I hate to take out of my diet. It's heart wrenching really but I can survive without it. BLACK tea

I can always switch to GREEN tea or Rooibis, or something else.....thankfully.

See it all turns out....I'm not complaining.

Because I am continually reminded of all the little babies and the children that are in severe pain right now in Haiti...many were orphans, many now are orphans. Many now without limbs or eyesight. God have mercy.

Gall bladder flareup?
Who's complaining?
Not me.


Karen June Miller said...

I had been thinking of getting myself an early morning snack until I read this post and laid eyes on that horrific looking gall bladder! Yikes. And, you, living in the South . . . having to give up FRIED FOOD! I hope you still have that tape on your mouth because I'm going to complain for you!

And, black tea...

This, too, shall pass.

Hey, I can read your blog on my iPhone. However, it did not like it when I tried to post. So, I was lurking: trying desperately to communicate. I have enjoyed all of your posts. And, the political ones had me spitting nails. Of course I agree with you.

Okay, to bed with me. My new Pampered Chef recruit is having her Grand Opening here tomorrow and, as usual, I am behind.

Talk to you soon!

Love, KJ

Charlotte said...

Funny post but serious as well. Doing without the fried food would be the hard part for me. Gall bladder problems are no fun. Hopefully the diet will help you. I feel the same way you do about complaining when I think of the people in Haiti. It's hard to break a lifetime habit though. I don't really think I complain a lot but when I think how blessed I am I think I shouldn't ever complain about anything. I know I will though.

Ms.Daisy said...

I had no idea that black tea was bad for your gall bladder! I drink black tea (decafe) all the time! Thank Heaven I don't have gall bladder troubles (yet!). I pray all goes well for you as you start your special dietary program.


Joyce said...

You see ladies...that is the issue.
I live in Louisiana where we LOVE our seafood fried!!!

Jean...decaf tea is fine. Or decaf drinks...

I tell you what though, when I saw that VERY nasty gall bladder photo. I had a new revelation of pain.

I think I'm going to behave myself!!
And go on a gall bladder "cleanse" too.
Updates later!!!

Southern Touch Catering said...

"Say it ain't so Joe" uh, Joyce! Not black tea! Ouch!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Ouch...hope you feel better soon...((hugs))

sister sheri said...

Ouch! This was hilarious!