Thursday, March 4, 2010

Joyce "Update"

~I just want to let you all know that I am doing well!~
Surgery went VERY well for me today and I was back at home a little bit after 1:00pm.
I'm a tad bit sore of course, yet I haven't needed any pain meds.
My throat is awfully scratched and dry though.

The staff at the surgery center name me "The Trooper."

Thank you all SO MUCH for all the love, and support and especially the PRAYERS!

Prayer does work...I can testify to this over and over again.
Now I have one more opportunity to do so.


Ms.Daisy said...

I am so glad and thankful that you came through the surgery so well! God is good - all the time! We are finally getting some nice weather here...supposed to be in the 50's by the weekend. Happy you are home and resting!


My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Joyce.

So glad to hear your surgery went well. Please get some rest the next few days.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Sharon

Southern Touch Catering said...

Thanks Ms Trooper for keeping us informed. It was our pleasure to lift you in prayer. GOD is Great!
Hope you have a easy weekend and be a good little patient- rest!

Patrice Palmer said...

Hi Joyce!

I'm so glad that you got through surgery so well. You are a very special person and I hope you continue to recuperate quickly.

Take care,

Denise said...

Hey girl!!!!!!!! I am coming by to check on you and make sure you are doing ok... I am so glad to know you did well It is Sunday now so you must be much better! I am out of my blog break and out and about visiting ALL of you!!!!!!!!

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I am so happy and thankful that your surgery went well. Take it easy while recuparating. I hope you got your mail in time. God is Great and I knew that you would be a trooper being put to sleep. Rest and watch out for a giveaway very soon. Love and Hugs, Pat :)

sister sheri said...

Thanks for the update! Glad you are feeling better.