Sunday, May 30, 2010

What is all this madness???

For those that may be new to this site. I want to give you a tad bit of background regarding the "Tea Group" that I am involved with.

I am part of a small gathering of ladies that joyfully started a "Tea Fellowship" about two years ago. We all have strong interests in "all things" regarding Tea.

We like the romance that is involved in the drink itself and the history, and the foods.
We enjoy sipping various blends of tea, while telling news of our lives and loves, ( loves, consisting mainly of our families) and enjoy trying to solve a few of the "world's problems."

Our dear Tricia, "Composed" our group's name...and it is both regal..and fitting.
We are appropriately dubbed......
"The Royal Court of Tea Sisters."

We hold annual tea "events" have done various things. as a group.
(Diane, Tricia, Marsha, Christy, Joyce)
We have traveled to sites for special events...we've driven to Tea Rooms in other cities, but mainly we hold causal "Teas" at each others homes like the Valentine's Tea we held in February at our friend Diane's house.

This past Sunday was "my turn" to host our tea and we had decided months Christmas actually, to invite "guests" to this tea party.

Now one thing we have learned in our tea group is not to place the entire food burden onto one person. We did that in the past and now we have changed it so that we ALL make a "sweet and a savory" to bring to our teas.

This tea I made small "Tea Cakes" with seedless blackberry filling, that were dusted with powdered sugar.

I purchased this pan at "Williams Sonoma" early last year sometime specifically with our teas in mind, yet, I had never made the Tea Cakes for not one of our teas I decided to make them this go around.

For my savory I made these "Roast Beef" sandwiches with a "horseradish and mayonnaise spread"..they were sooo tasty.

The "Guests" are beginning to arrive...

Let me see to them now, and I will be back later with more food and photos!

Oh, but before I go let me quickly tell you to visit my good friend Marsha's

BRAND new "Tea Site"..she just had a tea giveaway. Stay tuned because I know she will be doing this again.
Believe me...this lady makes THE BEST cucumber sandwiches in the entire world. And she makes a fabulous pot of tea too!!!

Please go visit her at..
"The Hope Chest."

Tell her I sent you over. She will be THRILLED to hear from you.


The HopeChest said...

Yes, it is madness....that we all love and need. Thanks for the lovely Garden Tea (Hotter than....)
Live and learn, but it was great anyway. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks for mentioning my blog, too. Love you, Marsha @

Ms.Daisy said...

I just love the idea of having tea "parties." Your table is lovely and those tea cakes...mmmm, yummy! Your savory is one of my all time favorites: roast beef and horseraddish spread! Happy Memorial Day weekend, dear friend and thanks for stopping by to say hi!


sister sheri said...

This is lovely! Makes me want to have a tea party! With hats!

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, wish I lived closer to you, because I would certainly enjoy sipping tea with you all. I went to Marshas blog and she is off to a great start. Mine is becoming boring even for me, but it's what keeps me sane, that and My Lord. Beautiful table setting. Love and hugs, Pat