Friday, June 18, 2010

The new "garden"

My husband and I both like yard work and we love to "Garden."
Although, we don't have alot of time...nor room to do what we would really like to do.
My husand and son, put us in a new little flower garden that I planted all along our garage this spring.

I named it
"The Princess Diana Memorial Garden"

Our view from our patio of this little area is now very enjoyable.
Too bad it's SO hot outside...
We can only sit out on the patio for a few moments now though due to the extreme heat
and we must have a fan blowing.
On us.

Welcome Summer!


Ms.Daisy said...

I really like the new "little" garden! Purple is one of my favorite colors and very easy on the eyes. You will get to enjoy your garden, I'm sure, even when cooler weather gets here!


Beth said...

Very Beautiful. A walk around your garden could get you into a very nice frame of mind!

sister sheri said...

It is barely 57 degrees here and raining... how I would love to capture your heat!

Karen June Miller said...

I love the photos and wish that I had more gardening time, too. I do mostly pot gardens because we lease and we would have to tear up his property.

By the way, the formatting of your page was all out of whack today. I am having a heck of a time formatting Blogger posts. Yikes. One little change and I have to go through and reformat everything. Hopefully, this is just a phase.

I've been reading your Facebook posts!