Friday, August 20, 2010

"The Tales Of Two Sisters"

The "journey" begins tomorrow (Saturday) do stay tuned.
I won't be able to post every day....but I will my best..and will certainly fill you all in when I arrive back home!

Jenny and my son Caleb

Joyce and my son Gabriel

The Wedding of "Miss Priss and Mr Joshua" was our "adventure" last year. This year will be something a tad bit different and we are excited!
Because we will get to travel a bit.

I will be back soon....with
"The Tales of Two Sisters."
Be blessed!
(and Jenny of course)


Denise said...

Well, I have no idea what is going on in your world but I am going to hang around and see.... I have just been out of the loop this summer but am going to try and get looped again! hahahha

Since we lost Dad things have been such a mess and having mother her my life is top c turvie! ( I have no idea how to spell that!) However, we are going to let her go home today.. I pray it works..

Happy happy Saturday girl.... I have missed coming here.......

sister sheri said...

Love this title for your adventure! Have soooo much fun!

The HopeChest said...

Awwww....those instant photos are so cute. Did you take those in the booth at your local 5 & dime store (i.e. Woolworth's) on the main shopping street? I wonder what happened to all my hundreds. And then sit at the counter for a cherry soda? Good ole days. Have fun on this new trip reminiscing.

Southern Touch Catering said...

Be safe and have a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear all about it.