Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Two Sisters Have Arrived....

We got into our hometown late last night after a crazy day.

As you can tell I STILL have "camera" issues. A mix up with UPS which was supposed to deliver my camera by 10:00am...caused me to delay our departure into Missouri. The camera never arrived..and finally we had to leave or else.

After many hours on the sister got herself a nasty speeding ticket. I will say on her behalf....that she wasn't paying attention to the speed because of talking and just having had passed a semi truck while she had a quick moment to do so because of road construction.

WE did think the speed range was higher than it actually was and there is a TON of major road issues...with only 2 lanes open on the each way. UGH!!
After shedding tears...real the State Troopers car and having her ticket in her hand.
We headed back off onto the roadway that was lit by one of the MOST beautiful and BIGGEST Moons we had both ever seen.

Someone called it the "Green Harvest Moon!" It was so nice..and a bit creepy. HA!

Two things that happened yesterday.

My husband and our son that works for him both, along with 6 other employees of the company they all work for lost their JOBS!! With only 2 days notice from the owner.
We were a tad bit upset...but we have RE-grouped and we realize that GOD is in CONTROL of our lives and HE only has our best interest at hand here.

So something will work out for us Mahans.

Secondly...PLEASE, please all of you that read this pray for our former Youth Pastor and his wife.
We received the saddest email today stating this.......

 26, 2010 at 7:24pm

Subject: Guy & Marriane

hey you guys, sorry if this is repeat news for some of you. i wanted to just get the word out for prayer support.

Marianne had a seizure yesterday and was found not breathing and unresponsive facedown on her bed. she has been in icu for about 24 hours now on breathing machines. her body is not 'warming back up' after the seizure to reboot like it should. there is swelling on the brain and still no response. the doctors will try to 'warm her up' after another day or so-it's alot of waiting now.

they did just get a blood test where some toxin levels were lower. so that was good news! It is really by a miracle that she will live.

Guy & family are of course really shaken up. Lots of family and some ppl from back home are driving/flying to be with them (they have been church planting near dallas the past 2 years).

you guys please pray with us; every time it comes to mind, for her full healing and recovery and for guy and the girls at this time."

This is so hard on my heart right now...even more than my husband and son losing their jobs.

I will write more later...we have had a great and interesting day today in "Twaintown"...but I can't write anymore tonight on this hotel computer. I've been in it way to long.

More to come soon...and at some point. I'm using my sister's camera for now but can't download until I get back to Iowa.

See ya'll SOON!!


The HopeChest said...

Oh, my dear one, I can just feel your joy AND pain. So hard to be away, yet you've waited and planned for this trip. Can your "plate be any fuller"? Praying with and for you for all.

My Vintage Studio said...

Try to have a good time on your trip.

Praying for you and your family.

Hugs, Sharon

sister sheri said...

Praying for you and your family and Marianne and her family.

Ms.Daisy said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry for all your troubles but you are right "God in in control of our lives!" Praying for you and your family. Safe trip for you and Jennie!