Monday, September 13, 2010

Our new baby "Grand Dog"

I am currently STILL trying to heal up from this infection I have.
Better today...but still tired and weak.
It's been a entire week of this stuff.
Now I'm taking an antibiotic and it seems to have helped me.
While I am gaining back my strength and "creativity"......

Check out our new "Grand Naughty" as I like to call him.

He's a sweetie.

Look closely at his little face.

Did you see it???

That crazy little puppy has a
"Fleur De Leis"
right on his forehead!!

I told "Mrs. Priss"
that it means
he is

Check back with me in a few days.
Hopefully I will be recouped soon.


My Vintage Studio said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Love the new member of your family!

Hugs, Sharon

Barbara said...

Do hope you are well soon Joyce. A very interesting marking on your beautiful dog's forehead indeed.

There was a photo in our newspaper yesterday of a tabby cat with markings that spelled 'cat' on one side!

Thanks for visit and great comments.

The HopeChest said...

Let me know when they are coming for a visit, hopefully soon. I have to see and hold the puppy. I hoped our Tea & chat helped you feel better. Tea always does, right?

Karen June Miller said...

Oh my goodness! How unique! I just want to hug this pup and I'm not a huge fur person.

Girlfriend, it's time for you to be healed in the NAME OF JESUS!

Love, hugs, and mush, KJ

Julie said...

That is the cutest puppy. What kind of dog is it? I love the fleur di lis!!
Get well soon!!