Monday, October 25, 2010

Tea Sisters Outing

Last Sunday my "Tea Sisters" and I visited two area Plantations.
"Oak Alley" Plantation and "The Laura" Plantation, in
Vacharie, LA.

The first one (Oak Alley) was also having a "Fall Arts and Crafts Show" on the grounds that day.

It's one of those events where they happen to serve great local food as well.

and Fried Shrimp and Onion on a "Stick"

All of the above are awesome!
Not counting all the other Louisiana foods....BBQ "pulled pork," Ettoufee, and tons of other delightful entrees.
Then there were the  PRALINES...which Marsha and I both bought and ate.

I also bought a big, huge bag of "Kettle Corn" for Don Mahan.
Always a good ideal to "include" the husband...even if he didn't go with us. Keeps us all happy that way. HA!
Diane and her "Shrimp On A Stick"

Joyce and Marsha

Booths with craft vendors selling just about anything you can imagine.

We were hot and weren't really in the mood to shop much.

Because of the extreme heat, (yes it is mid October here) we decided to walk up to the Plantation House after a bit of
walking around in the hot sun looking at the goods for sale.

"Oak Alley" is what every person "envisions" a Plantation to look like. And it doesn't disappoint one at all.

I have more photos of Oak Alley and it's wonderful row of
300 year old Oaks,
but BLOGGER is and has been giving me fits when it comes to "uploading" photos.

Is it just me or are ya'll having problems too?
This has been for weeks for me dealing with this issue.
Joyce, Marsha, Tricia, Diane

I've been meaning to invite you all to my good friend "Marsha's Blog that she has started......
Appropriately named......

                                         Marsha owned a wonderful little
                             Tea Room here in Baton Rouge
                                        for many years.

That is how we four ladies met.

Because of Marsha and her fabulous Tea Room.

Thus starting our "Tea Journey"
together as great friends that love
God first
and our love of "Tea,"  in and amongst many lots of things in
between and after "Tea."

And sometimes during Tea.
If you know what I mean.

The journey as friends......well it's been "grand."
I'm very thankful for these ladies.


Marydon said...

How beautiful these plantations are, we so loved our visits. What a fun time you had ...

Have a BOO-TEA-FUL week!
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Denise said...

Oh that looked like so much fun! Good time for all...... Good idea on the kettle corn. Keep the hubby happy..

I am trying to get out and about a bit since the loss of both mom and dad.. Just have not had the want to but I am trying to change that!!

Ms.Daisy said...

I would so have loved to be with you and your friends at that craft show and fair! I love those things!
The plantation you showed is beautiful and yes, just what I picture a real plantation to be. I remember visiting one in Virginia a long time ago and it was pretty impressive too. Glad you had a good time!


The HopeChest said...

Yes, we did have a very good "Royal Court" time, I too, love you girls, and I loved the plantations and Laura plantation's wealth of historical info. I'm about half way through the book. I do like your new blog appearance, even if it is giving you fits. Mine, too. Part of "blogging" I guess. Our outings or just tea times are so soothing to the soul. More later, Marsha
Y'all come visit, thanks Joyce for mentioning me and my HopeChest blog.

Bernideen said...

I so enjoyed this and you girls are so cute!

Marmee said...

I loved reading about your day at the plantation! Your friends and you remind me of my own friends -- how we love to linger over lunch in a place with a relaxing ambiance.

I stopped blogging for almost a year after my dad died, but in posting the last two days, I've scrolled back through my posts at Marmee's Corner and came across your message about my book meme, so thought to 'drop' in and visit you.