Friday, March 11, 2011

Tis' That Time Of Year Again!

St. Patrick's Day!!!

It's probably our second most favorite Holiday at the
 Mahan house.
Every year we hold a big Party for our friends.
This isn't your typical get drunk and crazy party (no alcohol is served) in the name of
 St. Patrick.

Although there will be some good "Craic" happening!
We use this event as an oppertunity for
regarding Ireland

For the whole country. 

Because we love Ireland.

The People and the Land.

This year we will have our good friend Roxanne, with us who will speak for a few moments on behalf of her children, who aren't able to be here for our party.

"Katy and Blake," are leaving for
 in the Fall as
"Campus Missionaries"

                                          "Trinity College" 
                                                In Dublin.

(Hit on their names to go to their blog)

I have known Katy since she was a little girl and was one of her Sunday School teacher's
"Back in the Day."
So I have "personal investment" in this journey they are taking.
And we love her, and her husband, and their family.

We "MAHANS" are honored to
 prayerfully and financially support them.

Of course the highlight of the party,
 (besides my husband in a true Kilt this year)
will be the

Corned Beef
and all the trimmings to our guests.
And lots of it!

This year we are preparing:

40 pounds of Corned Beef
15 pounds of carrots.
20 pounds of potato's
4 heads of Cabbage

Numerous Potato rolls w/butter
Countless desserts....
all decorated with "Green"
Ice Tea

And of course
Hot Irish Tea
Lemon Curd

We have a saying in the States that says,
"Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!"

And you can find that to be true.
Americans love the Irish and Ireland.

So by all means "Celebrate" 
the beauty that is 
 Ireland on the
17 of March.
Wear "Green," and "Shamrocks," and eat "Corned Beef,"......go to St. Paddy's Day Parades.

But please don't forget to pray for Ireland and her people as well.


Marydon said...

A second generation Irish gal, I am. Fell in love with our length stay in Ireland, visiting our family & turf.

Beautiful write, lovely pics, precious thoughts ... TY for sharing.

And, YES, corn beef anytime is good for me!
Happy St.Patrick's Day
Have a lovely weekend ~


My Vintage Studio said...

Sounds like you will be busy today!
Hope you have a wonderful time on Sunday with family and friends.


Ms.Daisy said...

Oh how I loved Ireland when I was able to visit there 25 years ago! I loved the country, the people and everything about it.
I am Irish on my Father's side and I feel for the Irish people in their troubled financial times they are going through right now. Praying for them. I know you will have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day
party! Enjoy!


samovar said...

how i love the irish green, hoping for some photos of your party here on this blog?

Barbara said...

That's a lot of corned beef to prepare but from the photo is is nothing like corned beef over here which is a tinned meat and was popular during the war when everything was in such short supply.

Yes you will get Grace Outpouring on Amazon and you won't be able to put it down.