Sunday, April 3, 2011

~Back In The Saddle~

"All good things must come to an end"
Or so they say.
And so must our visit to the Smoky Mountains
 in Tennessee.
(View from our friends front yard in Birmingham AL.)

Can't complain too much really.

(First night in Gatlinburg TN)

Except for the weather!
It was horrible to say the least.

We actually only had one good day of sunshine and semi warmth 
while in the Smokys.

That was also the first day we arrived, so we had to SQUEEZE as much in as we could in the National Park.

(Should have went to the BEACH!)
(View from our condo LATE in the morning one day)

Not counting the fact we were 
nearly blown away on our way up to the Mountains
by tornados and bad weatherm that hit the
Birmingham, Al.
area where we were

Sirens were going off, marble sized hail was flying, it was thundering, lighting, winds were blowing.

Great way to start a vacation.

At least we were with friends.

Hiding out in their bathroom that is.

We're orginally from we tend to take cover when those things are taking place.

It has something to do with living through an
"F5" tornado
that hit our area and especially the city beside ours
(Omaha, NE.) while we were growing up
 "back in the day."

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Ms.Daisy said...

I love your description of "hiding out with you friends in their bathroom!" Sounds like a scary time on your vacation! So glad it turned out okay, though, and you finally did have a good visit. The weather here has just been getting a little warmer...finally had a 70 degree day today! HA! Thanks for stopping by, your comments made me laugh! :)