Saturday, April 23, 2011

Old Mill and Beautiful Scenery

In The Smoky Mountains National Park is an area in
Cades Cove that hosts an
Old Mill area.

We were able to see this site the day
we were there and wander around the sites a bit.
My husband and I both love history........
So we enjoy things such as old buildings........

And the history behind them.

Plus we enjoy nature.......

We find that walking and searching through God's great creation, brings a great peace and contentment to us as we survey His handiwork's.

So beautiful and peaceful........

Deer, grazing in a field...which we saw alot of while we were there.

We climbed to the top of one hill to spot this.......

Hard for you to see quite clearly without being there.......but we were overlooking those
"shadowy," beautiful Smokies at this point.
Once this day was over.......we didn't have any more opportunities, like we would have wished, to hike around in the park due to the in climate weather.
So we antique shopped and went to a wonderful
"Tea Room" in Gatlinburg that "Ms. Linda" at
 "Friendship Tea" 
a sweet, blogger friend of mine had told me about prior to our coming to Tennessee.
She came up to Gatlinburg the day we decided to leave. Otherwise our plans were to meet up with her and her family.
You might want to read her blog about this area of Tennessee as well. She's done a great job "chronicling" her trip and will give you perspectives that I haven't.
More on the TWO Tea Rooms that we visited while in Tennessee next time, which will then lead us up to
The Royal Wedding!



Bernideen said...

Joyce - what beautiful handiwork this is - thanks for sharing your photos!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Lovely image!

Happy Easter to you and yours!