Thursday, April 14, 2011

~Royal Wedding~

I don't know about ya'll.....but me and my "Tea Sister's"  are getting ready for the
 "Royal Wedding!"

We are having a
"Royal Wedding Sleep Over"
since the Wedding will air at 4:00am our time from what information we can find so far.

We've had a few planning plans, and what not.
And I have purchased some decorations that I have found online especially for the occasion.

And I have THIS:
IT arrived in the mail just yesterday. HA!!!
I ordered mine in black...I LOVE IT.

I haven't had anytime to post my photos or write up anything regarding our trip to Tennesse......but I will tell you this.

We visited TWO Tea Rooms.....
one in Gatlinburg, TN. and one in Chattanooga TN. And we really enjoyed them both.

(sipping tea at the "English Rose" Tea room in Chattanooga)
Each one had their own distinct personality.

I will put a new post up soon regarding both places.
 I haven't even downloaded all my photos yet
and that right there is a problem!

I still have been sooooo busy.
Come back and see me in a few days.....

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