Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~Royal Wedding Overnight Party~

Who doesn't love a party or a wedding?
Especially a ROYAL one?

When Kate Middleton and Prince William of Wales
 announced their Wedding Engagement...

Our Tea Group went right to planning as well.

Much like the Royal Wedding planners I'm sure.
(wink, wink)

Although our budgets were not to be compared, we strived for
 in our celebration of this wedding to be.

Clothing was purchased.

Hats were fluffed and readied.

Decorations were purchased in advance of the celebration.

Favors, were bought.

Banners were made and hung......

A beautiful Wedding Cake, and party foods were made.
Tables were set with anticpation.
Then that special day came and we were
along with the rest of the world.

More about that next time.


Linda J. said...

How exciting! I'm anxious to see the rest of your photos.

Ms.Daisy said...

I am so impressed with all your preparations for the Royal Wedding Tea Party! Who made that gorgeous wedding cake? Lovely! No, I didn't get up at 4AM to watch the wedding...I did see it later in the day as it was on all the channels! LOL! She was beautiful and he a very handsome prince. I hope they will be forever happy!

Sorry to hear about your kidney stone - hope all is well now.