Monday, January 16, 2012

This New Year...........

Here we are well into a New Year.
Which seems a bit odd to me because,
I don't really remember "exiting" the old one.

Things became very busy and "foggy" at the end
of 2011 for us.

But here we are...and it's now 2012.

I'm sure you have many things to look forward do I.

This year I have already enjoyed a brilliant new resource book.

 Last week I received a "Belated" Christmas gift from a friend.

She knows I am a huge "fan" of Jane Austen.

Upon opening this gift I nearly,
 "screamed like a GIRL!"

What a fabulous gift to give someone who adores Jane Austen.
Which would be me!

This past October my husband and I went to England and while there we traveled one day to the city of "Winchester."

Winchester is very much the imaginable English stereotype city that one might
dream of.

Quaint, beautiful, old and with a sweet, little river flowing through it.

We loved Winchester.
Such a serene little town.

However, someone I really admire lived in Winchester.

This was her last known home.

Initially, I didn't know this.
Once informed by our soon to be "hostess" and dear friend. that we were going to be visiting Winchester along with a host of other little nearby villages 

She told me of this huge "Cathedral" we were going to visit while there
 so, me being me, I researched the city.

And then I nearly passed out.

Because this is the Cathedral where Jane Austen is buried,
along with a host of hundreds of other people, including her Father.

It was so surreal inside.

You think you will just look around a bit and read the signs and look over things, and be about your merry way.
But the enormity of the building, the all the facets, and details inside of it overtakes you and holds you captive.

I can't imagine worshipping in such a place.

Yet, at one point I felt a very STRONG,
 overwhelming sense of worship wave over me while inside of this church.

I think part of it was the thankfulness that I felt for being there.

 I also think part of it was just the Majesty of the building, and hoping that men had done this work truly to the "Glory of God" and not some man or men. And regardless of wither they had or hadn't....

I was going to give Him honor and glory in that place.

What I did know in those moments was that I was giving God total praise for giving me the opportunity to feel good in my body that day, while being with my dear husband to view the wonderful city of Winchester, and all it's delights.

More on Winchester next time.
Blogger willing.


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Linda J. said...

I love photos of scenes in England. And, of course, I love travel in England. The hubby said it's not possible for our family to travel to Britain in 2012. But we have a lot of USA business travels scheduled. I will just have to look for tea rooms in the "states" this year. As you know, that's a little bit of a challenge... Oh well, I'm always up for that kind of challenge!

Ms.Daisy said...

Thank you so much for coming by to say "hello." I have been very involved with taking care of my health problem. In November,I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer and have been undergoing lots and lots of tests and more tests. My first doctor said "Mastectomy" and I said "I want a second opinion!" I now am seeing a wonderful Doctor at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. My surgery for a "lumpectomy" will be coming up soon. All prayers welcomed! Thanks again for caring about me.


Barbara said...

Thought you had dropped off the land of blogging. Glad you enjoyed Winchester so much. Always interesting to see another's view of my country.